Where can I make a copy?

Please use photocopy machines on the 1st floor or 2nd basement floor.
You can pay by co-op copy cards or cash (coins only).
Photocopy machines inside the library should be used to photocopy library materials only.
Please fill out the "Document Copy Application Form" near the photocopy machine and put it in the box. Please be sure to photocopy the materials within the limit of Japanese copyright law.
Please see photocopying page for more details.


Connecting to the Network in the library

You can connect your own device to the network.
Members of the University of Tokyo can use the network.
Please see Connecting to the Network page for details.



Is there a place where I can eat and drink in the library?

Due to prevent COVID infections, food is prohibited all spaces. 
The eating and drinking corner in the lounge has been temporarily changed to carrels, and eating is prohibited there.
At the reading seat, beverages in spill-proof containers are only allowed.


What should I do if I do not know how to use the computer and the printer in the Media Park?

ECCS terminals and printers in the media park can only be used by members of the University of Tokyo. If you have any questions about them, you can ask the system support staff near the entrance.
Please see Media Park (ECCS terminals and printers) page for details.


What is the title of the music that plays when the library is closed?

The title is “Shannon's Lullaby”.
It seems that it is recorded in BGM library "MQL02 PRO EDITION" of MUSI-Q.


Use of the Library

How do I request a book that I want the library to add the holdings?

Please log in "MyOPAC” and apply from the Book Request page.
However, as a general rule, the following items are excluded from the selection.

  • literary works excluding the complete works or the collected works (including collection of poems, essay)
  • Reference books for specific exams (civil service exams, etc.)
  • Manuals, catalogs
  • Highly specialized books, books in special fields, books with extremely limited use
  • Books published by the University of Tokyo Press (Because they have been donated since 2008).


What should I do if I forgot my ID/library card to enter the library?

By asking the library staff, you can enter the library without your ID card, but cannot borrow books. Lending or borrowing ID cards is prohibited.


Where is the dictionary in the library?

Reference books such as dictionaries and encyclopedias can be found in the reference books section on the 2nd floor and the B1 floor. Reference books cannot be borrowed or taken out of the library so that many people can use them.


Do you have extensive reading books in English?

There is no holding in the library, but some are available as e-books (for members of the University of Tokyo only). Please see past news page for more details.


How can I use the materials held by the department libraries in Komaba I Campus?

How can I transfer and borrow the materials from other libraries in the University of Tokyo?

How can I transfer copy of materials from other libraries in the University of Tokyo?

How can I use other university libraries?

What should I do if I lost something in the library?

Please ask at the counter or contact to User Service Section.


What do I do when I want to donate books?

Please contact the Komaba Library Monograph Section, Weekdays 9:00 – 17:00.
Academic books are accepted.
We would like to ask for your understanding that there are cases when we are not able to accept your donation in cases, for example, when the library already has that book, or that book is novel or essay.

What should I do if I want to use materials of the Komaba Library for publication, broadcasting, exhibition, etc.?

Please see this page for details.