You can photocopy library materials within the limit given by the Japanese copyright law.
When you photocopy the materials, please fill in the reference copying application form set by the copying machine.

Location of Copy Machines

  • Copy Corner in the 1st floor: 5 copy machines (4 of them can be used with the CO-OP copy card, and 1 can be used with cash)
  • B2 floor: 1 copy machine (can be used with a CO-OP copy card)

You can purchase CO-OP copy cards at the vending machine on the 1st floor of the library or the CO-OP shop.


Black and white: 10 yen/page
Color: 50 yen/page


  • The copy machines in the Komaba Library should only be used for copying library materials.
    For copying things such as lecture notes, please use the copy machine in the Campus Plaza, on the opposite side of the library.
  • For materials which the copyright has not yet expired, you can only photocopy up to half of the material (you cannot photocopy the whole material).
  • You cannot photocopy latest issues of journals/magazines.