Historiographical Institute Library
Hongo campus

Historiographical Institute Library


Hongo Campus : Historigraphical Institute, Third floor


  • Monday to Friday, 10 AM to 4 PM
  • Registration: until 3:45 PM

※The library’s open days and hours are scheduled depending on the activity restriction guidelines prescribed by The University of Tokyo.

Closing Days

  • Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays
  • Inventory period (one week during April)
  • The 2nd Tuesday and the last Tuesday of the month
  • New Year's holidays, and entrance examinations period
  • Library may also be closed at other times as required

※For details, please refer to "Visiting HI Library" page on our website.

Eligibility for use of library

Persons affiliated with University of Tokyo:

  • Faculty members, graduate students, undergraduate students and university personnel.

Persons from outside University of Tokyo:

  • Alumni, Others.

Requirements for admission to library

  • Reservation required. For details, please refer to the library website.
  • When you come to the library after receiving a reservation confirmation email, your library card valid for the current year is required.
  • The University of Tokyo faculty and students; university identification card is valid as a library card.
  • Persons from outside University of Tokyo who do not have a currently valid library card; Identification documents are required. For details, please see the library's website.

Requirements for reading in library

  • Persons wishing to gain access to closed stack materials must fill out and submit a request form for access to library materials.
  • Reading hours : Reading hours : 10:00 AM to 3:55 PM
  • Materials should be reterned by 3:55 PM, Materials request reception: until 3:30 PM
  • Maximum number of books: Users may request access to no more than 10 books or other materials at a time.
  • Rare books : There is the case that application and a reservation need.

Intra-university delivery service

  • Available (restricted to books the book that the call number starts by "L")


  • Photocopying permitted/not permitted: Permitted (depends on condition of the book)
  • For the most part, books and journals are to be copied using electronic photocopiers and historical materials are to be reproduced by photography.
  • Note that in the case of photography the cost of photography and the service to be used may differ depending on the size of the photo paper. For more information, please see this page.
  • Photocopiers available/not available : Available(1 copier and 1 microform reader-printer)
  • Procedures for photocopying : Fill out required information and submit application form to a librarian at the library. Applications for copies of historical materials are also accepted online.
  • Materials for which photocopying is prohibited : Seriously damaged or degraded materials.
  • Photocopying hours : Same as regular reading hours.
  • Cost per sheet copied : Differs in accordance with the photocopying method used.
  • Intra-university photocopying service : Available

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Historigraphical Institute, Third floor
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