Medical Library
Hongo campus

Medical Library

The Medical Library is now only for current students/faculty staffs at the faculty of Medicine, the Hospital and the faculty of Pharmaceutical Science.


Hongo Campus : Faculty of Medicine, Central Building


  • Weekdays from 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM
  • Saturdays, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Note: restricted to persons affiliated with The University of Tokyo, alumni, and former faculty members
  • During summer and winter recess hours are restricted to 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM on weekdays.
  • Weekdays Service Hours for members: from 8:45.
  • Weekdays Service Hours for visitors: from 9:00.

Closing Days

  • Sundays, national holidays, New Year's holidays, entrance examinations period, stacks inspection days (the last weekday of every month)
  • Note: library may also be closed at other times as required  ---> The Library Calendar has appeared in the Medical Library's Web site.

Eligibility for use of library
1. Persons affiliated with The University of Tokyo

  • faculty members, graduate students, undergraduate students, university personnel.

2. Persons from outside The University of Tokyo

  • alumni, others

Requirements for admission to library
1. Persons affiliated with The University of Tokyo

  • Persons bearing ; a student ID(IC card type), The university ID card(IC card type), library pass(IC card type / barcod type) may enter the library automatically.
  • Entry is also permitted to persons who may present a personal identification.

2. Persons from outside The University of Tokyo

  • When you visit, please fill out "Entering Library Vote" at a counter on the day. (A prior application and a letter of introduction are unnecessary.)

Requirements for reading in library

  • Procedures: None
  • Hours: Same as regular library hours
  • Rare books browsing: Weekdays 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM (Please refer : Kichoshiryo no Riyo Hoho (written in Japanese) )

1. Eligibility

  • Persons affiliated with The University of Tokyo (e.g.,faculty members, graduate students, and undergraduate students)

2. Requirements

  • Users must present a library pass.
  • To borrow the journals published before 1994 or unbound journals, users must present a student ID/The university ID card/library pass and fill out a borrowing form.

3. Materials not available for borrowing

  • Reference books
  • Dissertations
  • Rare books, and other similar materials.

4. Borrowing privileges

  period number renewals
Books 2 weeks 5 three times (1 week / time)
AV materials 2 weeks 5 once (1 week / time)
Journals 1 day 10 not available


5. Other information on borrowing books

  • Library materials may not be borrowed by persons from outside The University of Tokyo.
  • Books, Reviews and Audio visual materials can be renewed.If no one else has requested it, you can renew it. In the case of overdue, you cannot renew. You can request to renew by "My OPAC" and the Counter.
  • Library materials may be borrowed by other universities or JMLA members, with such materials to be restricted to up to 3 books to be lent for a period of 2 weeks.

Intra-university delivery service

  • Available


  • Photocopying permitted/not permitted: Permitted
  • A photocopier for use with coin
  • Procedures for photocopying: Fill out an "Copyright Declaration Form"
  • Materials for which photocopying is prohibited: Rare books and other similar materials
  • Photocopying hours: Same as regular library hours (self service copying machine)
  • Cost per sheet copied: 10yen / color 50yen
  • Note that the cost per sheet copied is 40yen for copies made using the inter-university ILL system or the JMLA-ILL system.
  • Intra-university photocopying service: Both order and accept (Orders by mail may also be accepted.)

Other information

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