Copy /PDF Delivery Service (within the university)


You can deliver the copy or PDF of the materials in the other campus.
This service is available for the materials which have an icon on MyOPAC.


  • Copy(monochrome):20yen/1page
  • Copy (color):60yen/1page
  • PDF(monochrome・color):20yen/1page
  • You don’t have to pay postage.

How to apply

  1. Log in to MyOPAC

  2. Search the material you need.

  3. Click “Copy”, “PDF” button and go to the application screen.

  4. Input requirement such as page and title, then click “apply” button.
    ※Refer to the application screen for detail precautions and entry example.

How to pay/How to receive the material

  • Refer to “How to pay
  • When you apply at public expense, you can deliver the copies directly to your laboratory. Refer to the application screen for details.

Note (Deliver the PDF)

  • You can read and copy the PDF from MyOPAC after you receive the email.
  • You can view the materials in the campus only.
  • Make sure to pay for the service. Refer to “How to pay” to understand the way of paying.
  • You can read the PDF for 2 weeks since we send the email. You cannot read it when the term expires.
  • You need to pay even if you cannot read it because of the expiration.
  • Saving PDF image files on computers a violation of the Japanese Copyright Law. Giving the files and copies to a third person is also prohibited. The person who use it must apply by oneself and copy it when using.

Note (Others)

If you want to cancel after applying, please cancel it from "Copy/PDF/Loan Status" on the top page of MyOPAC. Once the library accepts the application, it cannot be cancelled.