Guide for Online Study & Remote Work

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A page that explains how to set up your off-campus access to e-resources (books, journals, newspapers, databases, etc.) subscribed to by the University of Tokyo:

A page that introduces search tools and electronic resources that support learning at home:Click here(Left menu ”Off-Campus”) Please refer to.

To use electronic resources without disruption

  • Excessive downloading may result in the suspension of access to e-resources for the entire UTokyo network and it may not recover during the remote study period.

 → Electronic Resources Usage Policy.

Information for Online Class Support

Service Status

Using a database

The University of Tokyo subscribes to numerous newspapers, language dictionaries, and databases. Please go the "Database List" to find a detabase.

How to use the "Database List".

Using e-books and e-journals

  • E-journal & E-book Portal
    • E-journals and e-books have off-campus connections are indicated an icon of "via Off-Campus access service" or "Free".
    • Please check the part that shows "from 1987/10/01 to 2000/10/31".
      You cannot view articles that are outside the range of contracted years.

Useful free search tools and electronic resources for the remote study period Search for articles

Articles Search

  • CiNii Articles
    • All fields: Covering mainly academic journals and transactions of academic societies in Japan.
  • Google Scholar
    • All fields: Search engine to search scholarly literature.
  • PubMed
    • Medical and Life Sciences: English academic articles.
    • Accessible from the [UTokyo ver.] .
  • ERIC
    • Education: English academic articles.

Open Access Journal

  • DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals)
    • A site for open access journals. Only reliable journals examined as properly peer-reviewed with reliable sources are listed.
    • E-journal publication platform for Japanese academic journals. Those with "FREE ACCESS" and "OPEN ACCESS" icons are released for free.
  • PMC
    • An open access dissertation archive run by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), a department within the National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).
  • BMC
    • Biological / Medical: A search platform for publishers that publish peer-reviewed open access journals.

Temporarily accessible E-resources(2020.9.16 updated)

Please see here.
Some databases are available from the "Database List".

"A list of COVID-19 resources summarizing information received from publishers and submitted to Japanese Alliance of University Library Consortia for E-Resources (JUSTICE). 2020.4.10“ is NOT updated from April 2020 on this site.
For further information, please refer to the
here. (2020.6.3)

 Textbook Lists on the syllabuses
We provide links to websites for textbook lists on the syllabuses published by each department library.


Information on electric resources provided by department libraries

Digital Resources related to the University of Tokyo

  • Tokyo Academic Archives Portal   
    • Digitized academic collections held by the University of Tokyo can be searched, and digital images are available here.
  • UTokyo Repository
    • Academic journal articles by faculty members and students of the University of Tokyo, theses, journal articles, and other type materials are open to the public.