How to use the "Database List"

In the "Database List," you can search for various databases that can be used at the University of Tokyo.


More Information

  • The "Database List" can be searched by database name.

    You cannot search e-journals and e-books by entering their titles in the search window.

  • Please use the University of Tokyo OPAC or E-journal & E-book Portal to search for e-journals and e-books.

  • The commonly used databases can be found on the Popular databases page (left menu). Click the database name to display the details screen for each database.
  • For information on how to use the databases from off-campus, please refer to "Off-campus" (left menu) on the left menu ■Using EZproxy (Easy Proxy).

Selecting a database

You can search and find the database you need by title, document type, or theme at the "Database List."
Members of the University of Tokyo can also find databases available from outside the university by specifying the area/field.
On the search screen, you can specify conditions for each item.
If multiple items are specified, AND search will be performed.


The "Database List" is listed by the most frequently used databases (20) first, followed by alphabetical order, and then other. The most frequently used databases can be found by simply lowering the scroll bar without searching.

  • Keyword Search
    Search by database name. Multiple words can be entered (AND search will be performed).
  • Material type
    Search the database by document type

    Books / Journal Articles / Doctoral Dissertations / Newspaper Articles  / Scientific/Technological Reports 
    Encyclopedia & Dictionary / Court Decisions & Laws / Parliamentary & Official Publications / Statistical data / Patents / Old Documents and Rare Books / Online Academic Information / Internet Resources / Institutional Repository / Others


  • Subject Field
    Search the database by the subject field of the material.

    General Fields/
    Philosophy and Psychology / History and Geography / Arts / Literature & Language / Humanities & Social Sciences, Others /
    Politics & Law / Economics & Management & Business / Society & Education / Industry / Social Sciences, Others /
    Medicine & Life Science, Biology & Pharmacy / Technology & Engineering & Mathematics / Chemistry / Physics & Astronomy & Geoscience
     / Natural Sciences, Others

  • Language
    Search in the main language of the data in the database.
    Please note that this is not the language of the interface (the database display screen).
    Japanese / Western language / Chinese / Korean
  • Access to full text
    Limit your search to full-text databases or databases that have links to full-text.
  • Area
    Specify whether or not the database can be accessed from off-campus.
    On-Campus Only / Open / Off-Campus

There is no "Start Search" button. After waiting for a while, the search result screen will be displayed.

Start using the database

On the search results screen at the "Database List," you can start using the database by clicking on the icon below.
If there are any notes, please read them carefully before using the database.

Click this icon if you want to use the database from the campus or if you want to use the database with the "Open" icon.
Click this icon if you want to use the database from off campus through EZproxy.-> Go to How to use e-resources from off-campus

Click this icon if you want to use the database from off campus through a way other than EZproxy.
  • Specify whether or not the database can be accessed from off campus.

The databases are open to the public

The databases can be used from off campus using EZproxy, etc. 

The databases are available only from within the university

The search results (simple screen)

If there is any system maintenance or problem, it will be announced on this page.
Once you click on the database name, the details screen will appear.


search result

The search results (detailed screen)

Any system maintenance or problems will also be announced on this page.

Database Manuals
There are links to the manuals for each database.

search result detailed


(Reference information) How to use e-journals and e-books

When you access the "Database List" page, you will find the E-journal & E-book Portal at the top of the list of databases.

If you want to use e-journals and e-books, you can do so from the E-journal & E-book Portal. From on campus, click the blue "Access to Database" icon. From off-campus, click the "Access to Database (EZproxy)" icon. For off campus access, please see also: Click here.

In the E-journal & E-book Portal, you can search by journal title or e-book title in the search window.
Alternatively, you can use the "Search by publisher site" to search by publisher name or platform name.
If you access from the publisher name or platform name, please search the journal title again after jumping to the destination, and after jumping to each journal, search for the article by referring to the volume number or page from All issues, or search by article title.

In the case of e-books, since the number of subscribed titles is limited, we recommend using the search window.
Reference: E-books (electronic books) available in the University of Tokyo | University of Tokyo Library System (


(Reference) How to use e-journals and e-books Part 2

You can also search e-journals and e-books from the University of Tokyo OPAC.
In particular, e-books can be searched by author name in the case of the University of Tokyo OPAC. 

However, in some cases, the edition information, year of publication, and author's name may be missing from the electronic book data. If the e-book also has a paper version, you can link it to the e-book. Keep this in mind when searching.
See also page 6 of this text.