Reference management software

Reference management software

Some reference management software is free of charge, but the the University of Tokyo members can use the following reference management software under an institutional contract.
The institutional contract version has advantages such as more capacity than the free version.

Comparison of reference management software 

There are three reference management software available free of charge at the University of Tokyo: RefWorks, Mendeley, and EndNote online. The following is a summary of the differences between the three Reference management software.

What is a reference management software?

Reference management software is a software that manages the bibliographic information of books and the literature information collected papers in order to create a reference list.
Bibliographic information: book title, author name, publisher name, publish year and so on.
literature information: author name, publish year, article title, journal title, volume number, pages and so on.

1. Literature Management

You can easily import and manage literature information from databases.

2. Reference list creation

You can easily create a reference list using the literature information imported into the reference management software.

3. Creating in-text citations

Add an add-in to Word that allows you to call up references from your reference management software and use them for in-text citations. You can also create a reference list.

With reference management software, you can easily change the order of in-text citations and the numbering of references when you revise your paper.