■How to use Mendeley


1.How to access Mendeley

On- or off- campus access:
1. Access
2. Enter your registered Log-in Name and Password.
Direct import to Mendeley is available on some literature information databases.
*The "Export to Mendeley" function on UTokyo OPAC and CiNii databases is currently unavailable (February 13, 2018).
Mendeley's Web Importer is also useful to import bibliographies.

2.User registration is required

The institutional version of Mendeley will be available free of charge to students and faculty members of the University of Tokyo until the end of the 2024 fiscal year (scheduled).
If you are using Mendeley for the first time, you will need to register as a user (create a personal account).

(How to register as a user)
1. Access
2. Click "Create a free account."
3. Fill in all fields and click the "Finish" button.
*The e-mail address you entered becomes your login name.
*Any kind of e-mail address is acceptable for creating an account.

If there is no access from the campus for a certain period of time, it will be changed to the free version instead of the institutional version.
If you do not have access to the site from within the university, please click here. After the UtokyoAccount authentication page appears, please log in. After the Mendeley screen appears, close it.
Now log in from → Account name on the right shoulder → Click on Settings → Click on Subscription → Make sure the Expires on date is updated.

3.Mendeley can be used in these ways

"Mendeley" is Elsevier's reference management software. Web and desktop versions are available and can be used in conjunction with each other.

Note: We have been informed that The new download of Mendeley Desktop will be suspended by August 31, 2022. Existing Mendeley Desktop users can continue to sign in, use, and sync Mendeley Desktop, and can move at their own pace after installing the new Mendeley Reference Manager. Mendeley Desktop will be stopped at some point with sufficient notice.
Stay tuned for more information. Mendeley Reference Manager | Mendeley

  • You can drag and drop a PDF document directly into Mendeley (Documents written in Japanese or saved as old PDF versions may not import successfully. ).
  •  Free online storage is provided for backup and synchronizing your library between Mendeley Desktop and Mendeley Web. On the Medeley Web, you can discover papers of related research.
  • Reference lists created on Mendeley Web can be shared on the Internet with classes, seminars, research groups, or other specified members.
  • Standard Mendeley users can join institutional members' groups and share their documents, but non-Mendeley users can not access shared documents.


5.After graduation

Alumni should use the free version.
If you are using the institutional version of the University of Tokyo, you will be switched to the free version after a certain grace period after you are no longer affiliated with the university due to graduation or other reasons.
Before switching, you need to organize the data capacity and private groups on the web.
You can also choose to downgrade to the free version during the grace period before the switchover, or move to the individual paid version with credit card payment.