■How to use RefWorks


1.How to access RefWorks

On- and off-campus access
New RefWorks
*UTokyo's email addresses are required to create an account.
*Legacy RefWorks users can upgrade to New RefWorks.

Legacy RefWorks  【The service is plan to deactivate on June 30, 2023.】
*New accounts cannot be created after the end of October 2022. Please use the new RefWorks.

2.User Registration

The first time you use the new RefWorks, you need to create a personal account. If you have a RefWorks account with the orange logo, you can transfer your data to the new RefWorks. You cannot register from your smartphone. Please register from your computer.(2020.11.30)

  • When using the University of Tokyo email address (including,, (Example: Including →,, etc.)
    • You can also create an account from off-campus.
    • Go to the new RefWorks and create an account.
  • How to create a new RefWorks account (for the University of Tokyo email address)
    1. Access the new RefWorks, Click "Create Account".
    2. Enter your email address and click the "Check" button.
    3. [Good news! RefWorks is available at: University of Tokyo. Please enter your password to create a new account. ] Is displayed, enter the password and click "Sign up".
    4. A confirmation email will be sent to the registered address. Click the activation link in the text of the email.
    5. Enter your name and role on the setting screen that appears when you click.
      * You can enter your name in Chinese characters.
      * Select the department to which you belong for "Related fields".
      Then press and click Finish. You will receive a completion email.
    6. If you have been using the Legacy RefWorks, migrate to the new RefWorks by following the procedure for migrating data to the new RefWorks.

[Legacy RefWorks]

  • [When using an email address other than the University of Tokyo]

3.RefWorks can be used in these ways

RefWorks can be used in a variety of ways in research, education, and business.

  • RefWorks is good at managing Japanese documents.
  • The stored data is on the Web, so you can use it from anywhere by logging in.
  • More than 6500 reference styles are supported.
    • If you don't see the format you need in the list...
      • Please send an email to literacy* (*→@) with the URL of the submission guidelines. 
      • You can also edit an existing format by yourself and save it as a new format.
  • The reference list created in RefWorks can be shared with non-RefWorks users.You can also publish the URL of your reference list to people who do not belong to a RefWorks contracted institution.
    Therefore, RefWorks can be used to publish research achievement lists on the Web.


New RefWorks

Legacy RefWorks

6.After graduation

The Alumni Program is available (2018.11.1).
It is necessary to create and have a RefWorks account before you leave University of Tokyo to use this program.
Alumni users can receive the same service as current students as long as University of Tokyo subscribes RefWorks.

 1. Open the setting or Update Profile which appears after the log-in.
 2. Change the e-mail address to the address which you will use after the graduation. 
 3. Change also the type of user to "Alumni."

For alumni users' inquiries about RefWorks, contact ExLibris ( directly.


7. Notice of deactivate of Legacy RefWorks (orange logo) service (implemented on June 30, 2023)


RefWorks offers two versions: new RefWorks (blue logo) and Legacy RefWorks (orange logo). About the Legacy RefWorks (orange logo), we received a notice from the provider about the deactivate of the service.

Scheduled deactivate of service for Legacy RefWorks (orange logo): June 30, 2023 (time TBD)

After June 30, 2023, your Legacy RefWorks (orange logo) account will be automatically deactivated and will no longer be available. Please migrate to the new RefWorks by one of the following methods by June 30, 2023.
①Soft Migration
Each user can migrate his/her account to the new RefWorks.
Please see this page: Upgrading to (New) RefWorks

②Export bibliographic information
For users who have already created a new RefWorks account, they can export their bibliographic information from Legacy RefWorks (orange logo) and save your RefWorks File.
Please see this page: Importing Legacy RefWorks (orange logo) References from a RefWorks File

See also the following.

Upgrading to New RefWorks

  • Legacy RefWorks users can upgrade to New RefWorks.
    1.Log in to Legacy RefWorks (orange logo).
    2.Click the "Upgrade to the latest RefWorks version!" link. *Upgrading is a one-way process. It is recommended to read upgrading information before upgrading. *The data migration includes folders and attached files.
    3.Sign in to New RefWorks with Legacy RefWorks (orange logo)' account.
    4.Fill out the form and follow the instructions.