■How to use RefWorks


1.How to access RefWorks

On- and off-campus access
New RefWorks
*UTokyo's email addresses are required to create an account.
*Legacy RefWorks users can upgrade to New RefWorks.

Legacy RefWorks
*On-campus connection is required to create an account.

2.Creating your account

Create your account before start using either RefWorks.
Legacy RefWorks users can upgrade to New RefWorks. 

You cannot register from your smartphone. Please register from a PC (2020.11.30)

  • When using the university's e-mail address (including,,
    (Example: including →,, etc.)
    •  Please access the new RefWorks and create an account.You can also create an account from off-campus.
       [Good news! You can use RefWorks at
      University of Tokyo. Please enter your password to create a new account
      Please confirm that is displayed. 
  • If you are using a non-university email address
  1. Access from the on-campus terminal. 
  2.  Click on "Apply for a new account”.
  3. On the screen that appears, click "Create Account University of Tokyo". On the screen that says "University of Tokyo," enter all the information and click the "Create Account" button. It is recommended that the "email address" and "login name" be the same. You will receive various notifications to the email address you have registered.
    You can enter your "Name" in Chinese characters.
    Please select the department you belong to for "Related Field". 
  4. Please see also: following the instructions for Upgrading to New RefWorks
  • About your account
    • If you haven't accessed RefWorks for over a year, your registered account may be deleted.
    • RefWorks personal contract plans are not currently available. (2018.8.6)
    • It is recommended that you back up your data stored in RefWorks on a regular basis.
  • Access after registration
    After first registering as a user, you can access and use it directly from off-campus.
    You can find the link at the top of this page, or on the previous page.
    Click on the link to access, and enter your registered login name and password to log in.


3.RefWorks can be used in these ways

RefWorks can be used in a variety of ways in research, education, and business.

  • RefWorks is good at managing Japanese documents.
  • The stored data is on the Web, so you can use it from anywhere by logging in.
  • More than 6500 reference styles are supported.
    • If you don't see the format you need in the list...
      • Please send an email to with the URL of the submission guidelines. 
      • You can also edit an existing format by yourself and save it as a new format.
  • The reference list created in RefWorks can be shared with non-RefWorks users.You can also publish the URL of your reference liset to people who do not belong to a RefWorks contracted institution.
    Therefore, RefWorks can be used to publish research achievement lists on the Web.


New RefWorks

Legacy RefWorks

Upgrading to New RefWorks

  • Legacy RefWorks users can upgrade to New RefWorks.
    1.Log in to Legacy RefWorks.
    2.Click the "Move to the newest version of RefWorks from ProQuest." link. *Upgrading is a one-way process. It is recommended to read upgrading information before upgrading. *The data migration includes folders and attached files.
    3.Sign in to New RefWorks with Legacy RefWorks' account.
    4.Fill out the form and follow the instructions.
  • Importing data while using databases off-campus (2019.2.12)
    Create a file on a database as a RIS file. Then, import/add the file to RefWorks.
    In the case of Web of Science, select "Save to Other File Formats," and "Other Reference Software." Click the send button.
    When importing the file, select Thomson Reuters as the file's type/data source and Web of Science as the name of the database.

  • About New RefWorks (2016.8.5, last modified 2019.1.15)
    If a select screen appears when you try to import records to RefWorks, select the RefWorks you are using. The interface having RefWorks logo with an orange icon is Legacy RefWorks.

  • See also the following for import information
    New RefWorks Text (2022.2-) [PDF, Literacy section ITG].

5.After graduation

The Alumni Program is available (2018.11.1).
It is necessary to create and have a RefWorks account before you leave University of Tokyo to use this program.
Alumni users can receive the same service as current students as long as University of Tokyo subscribes RefWorks.

 1. Open the setting or Update Profile which appears after the log-in.
 2. Change the e-mail address to the address which you will use after the graduation. 
 3. Change also the type of user to "Alumni."

For alumni users' inquiries about RefWorks, contact Sunmedia (e-port*  Replace * to @.) directly.