Publisher's special services to new coronavirus infections

New Coronavirus Special Services

Publisher's special services to new coronavirus infections and WebSeminars.

This page summarizes temporary special services and webinar information by publishers for the new coronavirus.


  • InCites, Web of Science Webinar LINK




  • Free Duration
    More than 2,000 e-journal titles will be available through June 30, 2023
    (E-journal & E-book Portal). (Limited time registration)

Marzen e-book library

  • This service is available via EZproxy. Please use this database via EZproxy.


  • Nature PODCAST
    Podcasts delivered by global experts  LINK
  • Nature Briefing
    Nature Briefing provides you with the latest research  LINK

Oxford University Press


Taylor & Francis


Westlaw Japan

  • Legal information related to covid-19 LINK


  • Free release of COVID-19 LINK
  • Cochrane Lib_rary
  • Availabletwo special collections
    • (1)Coronavirus (COVID-19): evidence relevant to critical care(evidence for critical management)  LINK
    • (2)Coronavirus (COVID-19): infection control and prevention measures  LINK
  • Recent webinar recording (on demand)
    Abstract to Journal Peer Review
    Basic knowledge of peer review of papers.  LINK
    Abstracts : Research Integrity and Publishing Ethics
    Basic knowledge on research fairness and publishing ethics, and recent issues from the perspective of publishers.  LINK


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