Permission to Use of Library Materials (Publishing/Broadcasting /Exhibitions)

Use of digital images published on the Internet by the Komaba Library

No application is required for images published on the Komaba Library "Collections" page. Please use them after confirming the information on the usage conditions ( "Use of Digital Contents" of the Komaba Library). However, "スタニスラス・プチ『産業実務家』" from the collection of 第一高等学校旧蔵資料 is owned by the Komaba Museum. For terms and conditions of use, please refer to the"Use of Digital Contents" page of the University Library.

For other images, please check the information on the image publishing site ("Terms of Use," etc.).

Use of Library Materials and Duplicates (photographs pictured by the library's designated contractor or copies/photographs taken by the user)

The following prior application is required.
There is no usage fee for images, but if you request shooting with a contractor designated by the library, you will be charged the shooting fee.

1 Condition of Use
(1) The applicant is responsible for processing copyrights and other rights.
(2) Do not use for any purpose other than the permitted purpose.
(3) Users must indicate that the materials are holdings of the "University of Tokyo Komaba Library." In addition, if there are any modifications to the images, indicate that clearly.
(4) Shooting and duplication should be done according to the Komaba Library, and the applicant should owe the cost of shooting or duplication.
(5) If film/image data (including videos) of the provided materials are generated, donate a copy to the Komaba Library. In addition, allow the Komaba Library to publish the image on the University of Tokyo website and do not insist on the author's moral rights against a third party.
(6) If you publish books, videos, CD-ROMs, etc., donate a copy (one set if there are multiple publications) to the Komaba Library. These may be registered as Komaba Library materials.
(7) Send photos of exhibiting situations or other records to the Komaba Library in case of an exhibition. Please specify the permission number when sending; these may be posted and introduced on the Komaba Library website, etc.
(8) The applicant must be responsible for any problems from this permitted use.
(9) In case of a problem/accident during the use, the applicants must compensate for the damage/loss.

2 Processing of Rights
If the material you use has copyright, portrait rights, and so on, processing various rights related to the materials must have been completed before applying.

3 Issuing the Permission Letter
The permission letter will be issued without the official seal of the representative and emailed to the applicant. However, if the applicant requires the official seal, it is acceptable. In case of disapproval, we will notify you by email.

4 Application procedure
1) How to Apply
Send the required documents described in 2) to the Information Services Section, Komaba Library, by email. If users belong to a corporation/institution, please contact us from the mail account of the officials.

2) Documents Required for Application
(1) "Application Form for the Use of Library Materials(Publishing/Broadcasting /Exhibitions)" 
  * Please download the "Application Form" below
  * You can apply in one form for multiple types of use, such as publishing and exhibition.
  * In the case of publishing or broadcasting, an applicant should be a representative from a publisher, broadcasting company, etc., not from a subcontractor, such as a reproduction company or production company.
(2) Photocopy of illustrations or pages to use
(3) License document related to rights processing
If the material is not public domain, you must submit a document showing that the right holder's consent has been obtained.
(4) Planning document
  * In case of lending materials for an exhibition, submit the planning document described in "5 Procedures for Lending Materials for an Exhibition".
(5) [If you wish to be mailed the permission letter] 1 envelope (fill in the address and attach a stamp)

5 Procedures for Lending Materials for an Exhibition
Please note the following things in addition to the 1 to 4 above.
1) Exhibition Plan / Requirements
Facility outlines, manuals, or pamphlets that meet the following things can be acceptable instead.
(1) Title of exhibition/event
(2) Purpose of the event
(3) Term
(4) Venue for the event
(5) Sponsorship
(6) Exhibit items (total number of things, exhibit list, etc.)
(7) Exhibition method/environment (lighting, security, emergency response, etc.)
  i) Plan view of the venue, firefighting equipment content manual and fire extinguishing method, security manual (specifically describe day and night.)
  ii) Opinion or certificate regarding firefighting equipment, etc., for the relevant year by the fire department that has jurisdiction over the venue.
  iii) Inspection results of the air/room environment, such as temperature and humidity, lighting equipment, etc., of the venue, storage, and exhibition case.
  * i) to iii) can be replaced by a copy of the certification for a publicly approved facility by the Commissioner for Cultural Affairs.
(8) Materials information of request for exhibit
(9) Borrowing period
(10) Transportation method
  * In the case of rare books and semi-rare books, a car exclusively for art is needed.
(11) A copy of the insurance contract documents (only for the Komaba Library materials)
  * Insurance contracts must be made by the applicant (evaluation is 1 million yen for rare books and semi-rare books, 200,000 yen for general books)
  * Submit before the loan date
(12) Need for photography of the materials
  * If photographs of the library materials will publish in the exhibition catalogs or pamphlets, please fill in the "Publication" column of the application.
(13) Is there a plan for publishing an Exhibition Catalog (if yes, name, publication date, number of copies)
  * The published catalog should be donated to the Komaba Library.

2) Lending Period/Exhibition Period
(1) Rare books / semi-rare books
The number of exhibition days is 60 or less (100 days in total per year), and the lending period is about one week before and after. However, the number of exhibition days on the same page is limited to 28 days.
(2) Materials with a high risk of browning or deterioration
The total number of exhibition days is 30 or less per year, and the lending period is about one week before and after.
(3) Other materials
The total number of exhibition days is 100 or less per year, and the lending period is about one week before and after.

3) Use of materials
(1) Contact the staff below in advance to confirm the schedule.
(2) When borrowing materials, prepare and submit a "Material Status Report" in the presence of Komaba Library staff. In addition, when returning the materials, the result of inspection based on the "Material Status Report," if any damage/loss is found, the user is responsible for restoring the original state.
(3) For a procedure of lending materials, please submit a "Borrowing Document."

Application Forms

If you plan to apply, please contact us in advance by e-mail at the address below. We will provide you with details of the required documents. 

  • "Application Form for the Use of Library Materials(Publishing/Broadcasting /Exhibitions)" (in Japanese)
  • Lending materials for an exhibition_Brrowing Document(in Japanese) 
  • Lending materials for an exhibition_Material Status Report(in Japanese) 


Information Service Section, The Komaba Library, University of Tokyo