Floor Map

Main Building

To wheelchair users:
Please use the elevator in the central area as much as possible. The elevator in the west area is so small that wheelchair users might not be able to get into.

1st Basement Floor

1st Floor

  • Reception
  • Service Counter
  • User Registration
  • Photocopy Machines
  • Periodicals/Newspapers
  • Memorial Room
  • Open Area
  • International Documentation
  • Exhibit Room
  • Desk for wheelchair users
  • Text enlarger

2nd Floor

3rd Floor

  • Japanese Books (Call Number:100-900)
  • Foreign Books(Call Number:100-900)
  • Iwanami Library
  • Reference books
  • New Arrival Corner
  • Silent Area
  • Desk for wheelchair users

4th Floor (The Asian Research Library)


1st Basement Floor, Annex