Stack materials (Japanese and Chinese classics)

Service hour

  • Weekday 9:00‐20:00 / 9:00‐17:00(August・March)
    • 12:00-13:00  Circulation is stopped
  • Weekend・Holiday Not in service


  Browse Copy Admission Borrow
Undergraduate students(incl. auditing students and research students)  OK OK OK NG
Graduate students and Research fellows OK OK OK NG(OK for users who get permission by pre-application)
Administrative personnel OK OK OK NG
Faculties OK OK OK OK
Professors emeritus OK OK OK OK
Former faculties OK OK NG NG
Alumni OK OK NG NG
General Public OK OK NG NG



  • Touch your UTokyo identification card or library card at the entrance to the stacks.
  • No bags or sacks into the stack is not permitted in the stacked. Leave them in a locker at the entrance of the stacks.


  • Those not permitted to enter the stacks may write down the call numbers and titles of materials request available a request form at Stack Counter.


Users can borrow stack materials only at Stack Counter.
Stack materials cannot be borrowed at Service Counter or the reception desk, or via check-out machines.


Undergraduate students,
Administrative personnel,
Former faculties


Graduate students permitted by pre-application,
Research fellows permitted by pre-application,
Part-time faculties

3 vols. for 14 days
Renewal; up to 2 times

Full-time faculties,
Professors emeritus

20 vols. for 30 days
Renewal; up to 1 times
(Bound journals; 3 vols. for 7 days)

  Note:If a due date falls on a day the library closed, the next business day shall apply.
  Note:The materials that published digital form and damaged materials that cannot be carried out of the library are not permitted to be borrowed. Please browse in the library.
  Note:One-day borrowing is not available.



 総合図書館所蔵和漢古書等館外貸出申請書 (PDF)

  • 総合図書館の閉館日を除き、平日9時から17時に総合図書館保存書庫カウンターにご提出ください。申請から一週間以内に館外貸出可否の連絡をいたします。(申請した日に資料を借り出すことはできません)。 
  • 有効期限は当該年度末までです。 


  • All the following conditions must be met for renewal.
    • Not overdue.
    • Not reserved by another user.
    • Not under penalty.
    • Not current-day loan.
  • Process
    • You can renew some stack books via MyOPAC 24 hours a day.
    • Bring materials you would like to renew and your student ID or faculty ID card to Stack Counter.
    • You can renew some stack materials such as Japanese-style books via inquiry form.
      • inquiry:
        • "Request to extend borrowing period"
        • Your name
        • user code (10-digit number displayed on your library card)
        • title
        • call number of the material
      • >> The inquiry form


  • You may reserve a book that is currently checked out (up to 3 volumes).
  • Process
    • While logged in to MyOPAC, find your desired material on OPAC and click "Reserve".
    • Order at Stack Counter to reserve materials that are not listed on OPAC.
    • When the materials you have reserved become available for use, you will be notified via e-mail or telephone.


  • Please return materials to Stack Counter when it is open, or the reception desk when Stack Counter is closed. Please DO NOT place them in the book drop. Please DO NOT return them at other library nor by mail either.
  • Penalties apply for overdue items.
    • Additional borrowing is not permitted while overdue materials are held.
    • If the due date is exceeded, borrowing is not permitted for a period equal to the number of days past the due date the material was returned.


Because the Japanese and Chinese classic materials held in the stacks are fragile due to age, the photocopying using photocopy machine is not permitted.
If you need copies of these materials, submit a request at the stack counter.


  • Hours: Weekday 9:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00
  • The materials published before 1968 can be photographed.
  • An applicant can take up to 10 shots per day.
  • Photographs are taken at a given place, following the staff’s direction.
  • Fragile materials can not be photographed.
  • No advanced application required. Please apply on the day at Stack Counter.