Open-shelf Materials, Automated Storage Materials, Journals

Status Regular One-day

Students(inc. Auditors, Research Students etc.)
Teaching and Research Staff (Faculties)
Professors emeritus
Former faculties
Administrative Staff

10vols. for 14days
(Renewal: twice )
(inc. Bound journal: 3vols./ 7days / Renewal: once)

5vols.(Unbound journal:10vols.)

  • ​The number of books above are the total number of Open-shelf Materials and Automated Storage Materials.
  • Books can be renewed twice, except for reserved items, or under delay penalties.
  • For more information >>Open-shelf Materials >>Automated Storage Materials

Stack Materials

Status Stack Materials Stack Materials (Japanese and Chinese Classics)

Undergraduate students, Graduate students(inc. Auditors, Research Students etc.)
Part-time teaching and research Staff,  Research fellows, Administrative staff, Former faculties

3vols. for 14days​
Renewal: twice
(inc. Bound journal: 3vols./ 7days / Renewal: once)

Not available

Graduate students and research fellows who get permission by pre-application

3vols. for 14days
Renewal: twice
Full-time teaching and research Staff (Faculties)
Professors emeritus

20vols. for 30days​
Renewal: once(inc. Bound journal: 3vols./ 7days)

20vols. for 30days​
Renewal: once
(inc. Bound journal: 3vols./ 7days)

Asian Research Library

Status Open-shelf Materials

Stack Materials

Automated Storage Materials
Undergraduate Students(inc. Auditors,Research Students etc.), Administrative staff, Former faculties

10vols. for 30days​

(Renewal: twice)​

​20vols. for 30days​(Renewal: twice) 20vols. for 30days​(Renewal: twice)

Graduate Students(inc. Auditors, Research Students etc.)
Full-time teaching and research Staff (Faculties)
Part-time teaching and research Staff, Research fellows
Professors emeritus

50vols. for 30days​
(Renewal: 5 times)
50vols. for 30days​
(Renewal: 5 times)
  • Renewal is not available for books that are under overdue penalties or reserved.
  • For more information >>Asian Research Library


  • Please follow these guidelines when returning library materials:

    • Open-shelf books: Please return them to the General Information Desk or the Book Drop. During off-hours, you can use the Main Entrance book drop.

    • If you borrowed materials from any library within the University of Tokyo, you can return them at the General Library.

    • If you were instructed to return materials to a specific library at the time of checkout, please make sure return them there.

    • Materials can be returned to the Book Drop except for those instructed at the time of checkout as not returnable to the Book Drop.

    • For materials such as oversized books, damaged items, or those unsuitable for regular return methods(transport), kindly bring them directly to the counter.

  • Overdue Policy

    Please be aware of our overdue policy:
    • Overdue items, including materials from automated storage and the Asian Research Library, will incur penalties.

    • Additional borrowing is not permitted while overdue materials are held.

    • Renewing is not permitted, while you have overdue materials.

    • If the due date is exceeded, borrowing is not permitted for a period equal to the number of days past the due date the material was returned.