Automated Storage

Some of the materials are stored in and retrieved from the automated storage through retrieval system.
(Books and journals are accessible only through the robotic system.)


Request materials via OPAC in the library and receive the request list.

Your order No. appers on the display at Service Counter when the material is ready. Pass the request list to the staff to receive the material.

  • From 9:00 to 30 minutes before the closing hours
  • Up to 5 volumes at 1 time
  • Obtaining requires about 15 minutes.


Browse materials on the reading seats in the library.


Users can check out materials only at Service Counter.

  • From 9:00 to the closing hours
  • Quantity and Period;
    Borrowing type Regular
    (N/A for unbound journals)
    Asian Research Library Books
    Class graduate student, 
    Professors Emeritus,
    Research fellow,

    10 vols.
    14 days.
    Renewal; up to 2 additional periods
    * bound journals; 3vols. for 7 days
    * incl. Open-shelf Materials.

    Renewal; up to 5 additional periods
    (incl. Asian research library books in the stack)

    undergraduate student, 
    Administrative personnel,
    Former faculty

    Renewal; up to 2 additional periods
    * incl. Asian research library books in the stack

    General Public
      Note:If a due date falls on a day the library closed, the next business day shall apply.
      Note:5vols. (incl. Open-shelf materials) for one-day borrowing.


  • All the following conditions must be met for renewal.
    • Not overdue.
    • Not reserved by another user.
    • Not under penalty.
    • Not current-day loan.
  • Process
    • You can renew some stack books via MyOPAC 24 hours a day.
    • Bring materials you would like to renew and your student ID or faculty ID card to Service Counter.


  • You may reserve a book that is currently checked out (up to 10 volumes, including Open-shelf materials).
  • Process
    • While logged in to MyOPAC, find your desired material on OPAC and click "Reserve".
    • Order at Stack Counter to reserve materials that are not listed on OPAC.
    • When the materials you have reserved become available for use, you will be notified via e-mail or telephone.


  • Please return materials to their appropriate counter.
    • Automated Storage Materials: General Information Desk and return boxes / (during off-hours) Main entrance book drop
  • Automated Storage Materials borrowed from the General Library can be returned at Komaba Campus and Kashiwa Campus.
    • Large books, damaged books, and other materials not suitable for transport must be brought directly to the counter.
  • Penalties apply for overdue items (incl. Open-shelf materials and Asian research library materials).
    • Additional borrowing is not permitted while overdue materials are held.
    • If the due date is exceeded, borrowing is not permitted for a period equal to the number of days past the due date the material was returned.

Returning materials by mail or parcel delivery service.

If it is difficult for you to come to the General Library to return books by the due date because of home leave or fieldwork, you may return the books by mail or via a parcel delivery service that provides a tracking number record to prove shipment.

Notice: Borrowers are responsible for paying all postage.

Public Service Section,
General Library, University of Tokyo
7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033

Please write "Returning Books" on the outside of the envelope or package.
Please note:

  • Stack materials cannot be returned by mail or parcel delivery service.
  • You must use Letter-Pack, Yu-Pack, or another parcel delivery service that provides a tracking number.
  • Borrowers are responsible for paying the postage.
  • The General Library cannot accept cash-on-delivery packages.
  • Place the item in a plastic bag and pack with cushioning materials to prevent damage.

If you disregard these instructions and the book is lost or damaged beyond repair, you may be held responsible for its replacement.
The date the General Library accepts delivery shall be considered the actual date of return. Please send well in advance.


Because some of the materials held in the automated storage are fragile due to age, the following restrictions have been set for conservation purposes.

  • The photocopying of damaged materials is not permitted.
    If you need copies of these materials, submit a request at the counter.
  • Other materials can be copied using the photocopy machine.
  • Before copying, materials should be checked by library staff to determine whether they can be copied using the photocopy machine.