(18/1/2021-) Regarding the library service during the University activities restriction Level 1

12th January 2021

‘The University of Tokyo Activity Restrictions Index for Preventing the Spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019(COVID-19)’ was raised to Level 1 from 11th January 2021. In accordance with it, General Library takes the following measures.
Please be informed that the usage of holding materials are remain as possible as usual, but the opening hours, the facility usage and other details, will be changed.

Please check ‘The General Library response to the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)’ about the further detail and the latest information.

Until 17/1/2021,The service under the Level 0.5 goes on.
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1. Opening Hours

The General Library will be open as below from 18th January 2021.

  Main Bldg Library Plaza (Annex)
Monday to Friday Open during 9:00~17:00 
※some facilities are under restriction.
Weekend and National Holiday Closed Closed

2. Terms of Facility usage

  • U-Tokyo Members: admittance only for users who need the library materials.
    • The users are required to wear face masks in the library. (No admittance without face mask. Those only wearing face guard or mouth guard will not be admitted.)
    • The Library Plaza is Closed.

    • The reading desks are unavailable. Only the designated area on the first floor is available for short time use to check the contents of the materials.

    • The access to the stack is unavailable.
    • The ECCS facilities is unavailable.
    • NO limit for maximum number of users.
  • Non U-Tokyo Members (incl. the admission card holder and the utilization card holder) : 
    • No admittance. 
    • Using the General library or visiting the buildings is not permitted.

3. Terms of material usage for U-Tokyo Members

  • As a general rule, materials are for check-out, photocopied or brief browsing for identifying the contents.
  •  Users may browse the bookshelf and check-out the material on their own.
  • Materials in Automated Storage can be check-out. Requests through OPAC are available until 16:30.
  • The stack materials are closed-stack. Please contact us at the general counter.
  • Returning the materials and receiving the reserved books are available.
  • For photocopy, please keep the minimal amount to avoid long-time stay. The photocopy by the library staff for Japanese and Chinese old books, etc. is available until 14:00 for same-day finish.
  • The book/document delivery service via MyOPAC is available.
  • Rare books, Microforms, and the Digitized Contents Transmission Service by the National Diet Library are available by reservation in advance.

4. Others

  • The parcel book delivery and mail photocopy service on the General Library materials is continuously available for U-Tokyo members whom unable to visit the library. 
  • We accept returns of materials by parcel delivery service.(Postage is at your own expense.) Please check here for the delivery method and precautions. (Only Open-shelf and Automated storage materials are available. Materials in Stack are unavailable for delivery.)


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