The General Library response to the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) *From 2021/1/18

General Library provides services in accordance with;

"The University of Tokyo Activity Restrictions Index" Level 1

from 18th January 2021.

(Latest Update: 18th January 2021)

The following information is the General Library's prevention measures against novel Coronavirus infection (COVID-19). It may occur you inconvenience.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

  1. Admission
  2. Opening Hours
  3. Usage of UTokyo Members
  4. Usage of Non-UTokyo Members
  5. Others
    1. Contact
    2. Recent Updates


During the restriction index Level 1, to avoid infection risk, eligible members are limited as below.

User Status Admittance
UTokyo Members
(incl. Professors emeritus)

〇 Admittance only for the material use

Non UTokyo Members
(incl. alumni, former teachers)

✕ No admittance during the day to be determined

Notes on Admission;
  • The Admittance only for users who need the library materials.
    No admittance for using the reading desks without General Library materials.
  • The users are required to wear face masks in the library.
    ※ No admittance without face mask. Those only wearing face guard or mouth guard will not be admitted.
  • Please refrain from entering if you have a condition below.

    • If you are experiencing any health issue.
    • If you have a fever of 37.5 degrees or more. (Conducting non-contacting thermometry when entering the library.) * In preparation
    • If you have had close contact with COVID-19 patient.
    • If you have had close contact with person who come to Japan from oversea within 14 days.


2.Opening Hours

The General Library is open as below during the Level 1.

  Main Bldg. Library Plaza (Annex Bldg.)
Weekday Open from 9 a.m to 5 p.m.
* some facilities are under restriction.
Weekend and Holiday Closed Closed

* The regular closing days will occur. Please check the web site for the latest information.

Eligible members and services are restricted. Please understand the conditions and consider your visit.


3.Usage of UTokyo Members (incl. Professors emeritus)

On site service

During the restriction index Level1, to avoid infection risk, available services are limited as below.

  Service Availability
Facilities Reading desks and rooms Unavailable * Available only for short-time use to check the materials
The ECCS facilities Unavailable
Access to the Stack Unavailable
Photocopy machines Available
Library Plaza Unavailable
Materials Open-shelf materials Available
Automated Storage materials Available
Stack materials Available *served by the library staff at the service counter
Returning materials Available
Receiving the reserved materials Available
The book/document delivery service for library materials via MyOPAC Available
the Digitized Contents Transmission Service by the National Diet Library Available by reservation in advance
Rare books Available by reservation in advance
Microforms Available by reservation in advance
Others 利用登録・更新 Available

* The materials are for check-out, photocopied or brief browsing for identifying the contents. 

* The reading desks are unavailable. Only the designated area on the first floor is available for short time use to check the contents of the materials.

* For photocopy, please keep the minimal amount to avoid long-time stay. The photocopy by the library staff for Japanese and Chinese old books, etc. is available until 14:00 for same-day finish.

* Usual loan period and number of materials are applied.


The parcel book delivery and mail photocopy service on the General Library materials

The parcel book delivery and mail photocopy service on the General Library materials is available for UTokyo members whom unable to visit the library. 

For details, please go to; [The parcel book delivery and mail photocopy service on the General Library materials]

To whom may able to visit the library, please refrain using this service.


Due date and returning books

  • No further due date renewal by the library system.
    • Usual loan period is applied.
    • Please check MyOPAC for your due date.
  • Returning books are available as usual.
  • To whom unable to visit the library, you may return the material by postal/parcel delivery service at your own expense. For information, please go to; Detail
    • Open-shelf materials and Automatic storage materials are only allowed.
    • Stack materials are not allowed to return by postal/parcel delivery service.
  • The overdue caused by COVID-19 for the materials which due date was 30th of June, the penalty will be lifted as below:
    • Please explain to the library staff about your overdue at the counter
      • Reception hours; 9:00-17:00 weekdays
    • If you use the book post at the library, return at out of reception hours, return the materials to the alternative library, or using postal service, please contact to explain your delay to the General Library.
  • If you want to borrow materials exceed the limit of the number of extensions, please contact us via General Library Inquiry Form


The Digitized Contents Transmission Service by the National Diet Library

During the Level 1, Digitized Contents Transmission Service for Libraries (For Librarians) is available as below. (UTokyo Members only) For detail, please go to the site below.

  • Affiliates of General library and University Museum.
  • The other U-Tokyo members whose department libraries are suspending the service for "The NDL Digitized Contents Transmission Service for Libraries" while University Activity Restrictions is Level 1.

>> Application for Using the National Diet Library (NDL) Digitized Contents Transmission Service for Libraries.


Guide for Online Study & Remote Work

The UTokyo Library System directs you how to set up your off-campus access to e-resources (books, magazines, newspapers, databases, etc.) subscribed by the University of Tokyo. In addition, we will introduce search tools and electronic resources to support your study at home.

Please check the "Guide for Online Study & Remote Work" for further information.


4.For Non-UTokyo Members

On site service

The library materials are not available until the day to be determined.


For other libraries

Inter library loan service (book loan and photocopy)is open. For detail pleas go to; For Librarians




Please contact us from the Inquiry form.


b.Recent Updates

  • 12/1/2021 [new] The General Library will provide services under the University restrictions index Level 1 from 18th January 2021. [the news page]
  • 13/7/2020 [new] The General Library will provide services under the University restrictions index Level 0.5 from 14th July 2020. [the news page]
  • 12/6/2020 [new] The General Library will be open with some restrictions from 15th June 2020. [the news page]

>> more