Use of PCs on Campus

How to use the computers on campus (e.g. ECCS computers)

University campuses are linked to a computer system managed by the Information Technology Center,
called ECCS (Educational Campuswide Computing System). 

The system is accessible to all students, teachers, and personnel affiliated with the University of Tokyo. 

An account (username and password) is required to access ECCS terminals. 

How to use the ECCS terminals Use libraries with your UTokyo Account             

Connecting your own PC to the network

Computers can be connected to UTNet using a wireless connection.  

  • Wireless connection 

  You can use the campus wireless network service "UTokyo WiFi."
  Computers equipped with a wireless card can access the network if they are within
  the range of a wireless relay station.

  To use the wireless network on your computer, you need to acquire a UTokyo WiFi account.

   *For details about the campus wireless network service, please see this page: "UTokyo WiFi".