Members of the Public/Undergraduate Students of Other Universities

※To prevent spreading the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), the admission to the general library is limited to UTokyo members only. Please check"【Important】Changing of Services Regarding the Komaba Library Response to the Novel Coronavirus Disease" page for further information.


Members of the public/undergraduate students of other universities, who are not alumni, former faculty Staff of the University of Tokyo, or graduate students/faculty staff of other universities/research institutes, can also read library materials in the library and photocopy materials.

When you would like to use the library, you will need to make a pre-application.

Service Hours

Members of the public can use the library 9:00 - 17:00 on weekdays.
You cannot use the library on Saturdays/Sundays/national holidays/closed days.

For closed dates and library hours, please see the Library Calendar.

1. Check the Location of the Material

Please check that the material you would like to use is stored in the Komaba Library, through the University of Tokyo Library OPAC. Materials in the library have the location of "Komaba.lib.**".

  • Materials that have the location of "CAS.**" (for example "CAS.For.Lang.", "CAS.Soc.Intl.Study" etc.), are stored in the departments in the Komaba Campus. The conditions and the way to use the materials in the departments differ from Komaba Library. For the details, please see "Materials Held by Departments in Komaba I Campus".
  • The locations of the materials in the Storage Stack start with "Komaba.Lib.Stor.", "Komaba.Lib.Stor-Large.", "Komaba.Lib.Stor-Ref.", "Komaba.Lib/Ichiko-Bunko". For the details, please see "Using Materials in the Storage Stack Room".
  • The location of the rare materials is "Komaba.Lib.Rare." If you would like to read rare books, you will need to make a pre-application. For the details, please see "Reading Rare Materials".
  • When there are words such as "on loan" or "on missing absent material" in the "Status" column, you cannot use the material.

2. Pre-application

When you would like to use the materials, you will need to make a pre-application.

If you are applying via e-mail, please apply 2 days before (not including Saturdays/Sundays/national holidays) the day you would like to use the library, and in the case of return postcards, about a week before. Application by phone is unacceptable.

Please make sure to write the following things in your e-mail/return postcard.

  • The material you would like to use: Book Title, Call No., Barcode No.
  • The day and time you would like to use the material
  • Full name
  • Your contact information: address, e-mail address

After the library has received your e-mail/return post-card, we will contact you on whether you are able to use the material or not.


Return Postcard
User Service Section, Komaba Library, The University of Tokyo
3-8-1 Komaba, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

  • If you are contacting the library with a return postcard, please make sure that you write your address and name on the return side.

3. Procedures at the Counter

When you visit the library, please bring your identification (insurance card, driving license, etc.) or your student ID, and a printed copy of the reply e-mail or postcard from the Komaba library.
We will also ask you to fill in the application form at the counter.



  • You cannot reserve materials. We are very sorry if you cannot use the material because someone is reading it/has borrowed it on the day you visit the library.
  • For materials that are severely deteriorated, there may be cases where you cannot use them.
  • You might not be able to use the library during certain periods when the library gets crowded due to examinations, and other cases when it might hinder researches/education of the University.
  • Please refrain from visiting the library with your car.