Using Materials in the Storage Stack Room

Differently to the building of the Komaba Library, there is a Storage Stack Room to store materials.
You will not be able to enter the room, but you can read/borrow the materials by the following methods.

Materials Located in the Storage Stack Room

The materials when searched on University of Tokyo OPAC have the location of “Komaba.Lib.Stor.”, “Komaba.Lib.Ichiko-Bunko”, or “Komaba.Lib.Stor-Ref.” are located in the Storage Stack Room.

Location Located Materials Location displayed on OPAC
Storage Stack Room Storage books


Storage books(large-sized books) Komaba.Lib.Stor. Large.
Storage reference books* Komaba.Lib.Stor-Ref.
Storage journals Komaba.Lib.Stor.

Books from First High School*


*These materials are “Not for Loan” materials, so they can only be able to read in the library. Japanese-bounded books and books in bad conditions can only be read in the Special Collections Reading Room(from 9:00-16:50 on weekdays). Also, there may be cases when some time may be required to check the materials.

How to Use the Materials in the Storage Stack Room

Search on University of Tokyo OPAC

Please search on the University of Tokyo OPAC first.
When the material is not only located in “Komaba.Lib.Stor.”, but also in “Komaba.Lib.Openshelf.” and “Komaba.Lib.Stack.”, please use the materials in the latter locations.

How to Make an Application to Use the Materials

(Method 1) Apply at the Counter
Please fill in the designated form at the counter. After you have filled in the form, we will tell you the time in which we can give you the material.

(Method 2) Application via E-mail
Please write the following information in your e-mail.

Title: Request of using the materials in the Storage Stack Room
Things it be written in the main text:
i) Full name
ii) User’s code (If you are a student or faculty staff of the University of Tokyo)
iii) Title/author of the book
iv) Call number
v) Registration number

Contact information for any inquiries about this application is as follows.
Komaba Library User Service Section

Receiving the Material

When it is the time that we have said to you to give you the material, please come to the counter to receive the material.

The Times that You Can Receive the Material


Application Time The Time to Give you the Material
9:00 - 11:00 After 12:00
11:00 - 14:00 After 15:00
14:00 - 16:30 After 17:30
16:30 - 10minutes to closing time

After 10:00 on the next day that the library is open
*When the next open day is a Saturday/Sunday/national holiday/library closing day, the materials will be given on the next weekday.

Saturdays/Sundays/National Holidays

You can only make an application on Saturdays/Sundays/National Holidays. The materials you requested will be given after 10:00 on the next day that the library is open.