About the Kashiwa Library service on "Level 2" of [Activity Restrictions Index] of the University of Tokyo

From June 1(Mon), the [Activity Restrictions Index] of the University of Tokyo have been lowered from "Level 3" to "Level 2".
As the table announced in "Road map of the Kashiwa Library according to the Activity Restrictions Index of the University of Tokyo", Kashiwa Library's services are as follows.

  • About Opening
    It will be closed.Facilities are not available.
  • Mailing Servise
    We will continue to provide undergraduate and graduate students of this university with mailing out of books(gratis) and copies of documents(paid) necessary for writing thesis .
    For details, please refer to "Notice of mailing service of borrowing books and copying materials".
  • Reservation and Borrowing Service

    It is started to provide "Reservation and Borrowing Service" to undergraduate/graduate students and faculty members of the University of Tokyo.
    This is the service in which the books of Kashiwa Library you want to use are reserved in advance and handed directly to you at Kashiwa Library.
    Those who wish to use it, please read the following explanation carefully and apply from the application form.

    This service is limited to Kashiwa Library.
    Please note that it is not carried out in other libraries.
    And books can be handed over only at the Kashiwa Library.

    • Confirmation of OPAC
      First, please confirm that the books you want to use are stored in  Kashiwa Library.
      Please search for the book you want to use in The University of Tokyo Library OPAC, and check that there is the notation "Kashiwa.Lib.Open" at the "Location" field.
      Books with the notation "Kashiwa.Lib.Ref", "Kashiwa.Lib.Jour", "Kashiwa.Lib.Stack", "Kashiwa.Lib.AV" and "Kashiwa.Lib.Rare" are not eligible for loan.
      And books that are not in the Kashiwa Library cannot be used.

    • About Reservation
      Details about the application are as follows.

      Target Faculty members and undergraduate / graduate students who belong to the University of Tokyo
      Reception period June 1 (Mon) - During temporary closing period
      Target materials Kashiwa Library books (excluding " Not for loan " materials)
      Number of reservations 3 books maximum
      Storage period 7 days
      How to apply Apply from the Application Form

      * If it has already been reserved by another person, it will not be accepted.
      * Only books with blank OPAC "Status" can be accepted.
         If there is any notation such as "On loan" or "Hold", it cannot be accepted.

      > "Application Form for Reservation of the Kashiwa Library Books"
      *The reception has ended, because the shortened opening has started.

      We will contact you by email as soon as the materials are ready. Please come to the Kashiwa Library Office with your staff ID or student ID.
      Receivable time is from 10:00 to 16:00 on weekdays.

Contact information

Library Service Section, Kashiwa Library