Use of the Library

What is Kashiwa Library Club?

Kashiwa Library Club was established in 2008 to support the library's activities and provide a forum for members to interact.

Club members enjoy various library services. Kashiwa Library Club welcomes everyone to join.


Is there any smoking space?

Smoking is prohibited in the building at all times, and is only allowed at designated smoking areas on campus.

Can I talk on my mobile phone in the library?

In the Reading Room, except outside of the Terrace, please refrain from talking on the phone. 
In the free space (Community Salon, Rest Corner and Media Promenade) on the 1st floor, please be considerate of others using the area.

How do I use the Media Hall or Seminar Rooms?

Reservation is required. For details, please refer to Using Facilities.

Are there any parking lots?

Please use public transportation due to limited free parking space.
Park your bicycle/motorcycle only in the bicycle/motorcycle parking lot on the west side of the library.

Is there any place where I can eat or drink in the library?

You can eat and drink in the Community Salon and Rest Corner on the 1st floor.
The Rest Corner is equipped with beverage machines.
Kashiwa Campus has some places to eat such as Food Shop & Co-op Cafe, Cafeteria, Plaza Ikoi (Restaurant) and Osakanakurabu HAMA (Sushi Restaurant). Anyone may use these facilities.

Use of the Library

May I take pictures of materials by a digital camera?

No, you may not take pictures of materials by digital camera or cell phone instead of making photocopying with a copier.
Refrain from taking photos in the library without permission.

Can I return books that are checked out from Kashiwa Library to other campus libraries?

Yes, you can return books and DVDs that are checked out from Kashiwa Library, to the General Library and the Komaba Library.
If you are a Kashiwa Campus member, please return checked-out books directly to Kashiwa Library.

What if the item I want isn't on the shelf?

First, please check the status on the OPAC. Books displayed in OPAC as "On loan" or "On reserve" cannot be used.
If a book is shown as available, but you can not find it on the shelf, ask for help at the Library Service Counter.

What if I can't enter the library by my student/faculty ID card?

Academic/administrative staff must register when using Kashiwa Library for the first time. 
Registration is also required for students in certain cases such as when their ID was re-issued or the card expiration date has passed. Please come to the Kashiwa Library Service Counter (reception time: weekdays, 9:00-17:00).

Can I access the Internet in the library?

If you have your own ECCS account, you can use iMac terminals in the Learning Support Service on the 1st floor.

In the search corner on the 2nd floor, you can use terminals and search library catalogs or retrieve information from various databases and e-journals. However, you may not use the terminals for personal use, for instance, private e-mail or writing personal reports.

Can I return books that are checked out from other campus libraries to Kashiwa Library?

Yes, you can return them to the Kashiwa Library Service Counter.

However, some materials such as rare books and fragile bound books cannot be returned at Kashiwa Library.
When you return such books borrowed from other libraries on the Kashiwa campus, please return the book directly to the library that the book was borrowed from.

What if I damaged or lost a library item during use?

Please consult the library staff at the Library Service Counter (reception time: 9:00-17:00, weekdays).

In principle, to replace a lost book, please buy another copy of the same book. Please handle all library items with care.

Note that when an item becomes overdue even if you can not find the book, borrowing privileges will be also blocked until the item is returned.

What if I forget to bring my student/faculty ID card?

lease fill out an application form at the Library Service Counter. However, you cannot borrow books without your student/faculty ID card.

Can I print in the library?

If you have your own ECCS account, you can use a printer. The payment for printouts must be made by electronic money (suica, PASMO) or prepaid card. (Fees: black & white 20 yen/sheet, color 50 yen/sheet)
There is no printer in the Reading Room on the 2nd floor.

How do I renew the loan period of a book?

You can do this via "MyOPAC".
Emeritus professors and members of the Kashiwa Library Club can renew loans at the Library Service Counter.

How do I request book purchases for Kashiwa Library?

You may make a request for books you believe would be a good addition to the library collection through MyOPAC. In the request form, please choose "Kashiwa Library" as "selection of a location".

For details, please click Book Purchase Request.

Please remember that it takes time to make a selection, and the purchase may or may not be permitted because of budget limitations. In addition, DVD requests will not be accepted.

I belong to a department on another campus. Can I use Kashiwa library on Saturday?

Yes, but prior registration is required. Please come to the Library Service Counter with your student/faculty ID card. (Registration can be done only between 9:00 to 17:00 on weekdays.)

Can I use my laptop in the library?

Yes, all seats in the Reading Room are equipped with electronic outlets. In addition, both wired and wireless LAN are available.

Can I request to borrow books from other campus libraries?

You can reserve books belonging to libraries of other campuses and receive them at Kashiwa Library free of charge.

However, some items such as references, journals and books belonging to laboratories cannot be requested.

If the libraries of The University of Tokyo do not have the materials, you may be able to request them from other university libraries (pay service).

How can I donate books to Kashiwa library?

Kashiwa Library appreciates gifts of books for faculty, students, and researchers that support research and learning activities and improve general education and cultural grounding. For more information on donating materials, please contact us.

How do I photocopy materials?

Kashiwa Library materials may be photocopied on the library's self-service copy machines (10yen/sheet, black and white, prepaid card required). You can buy the cards in the library or at the Co-op Academic Shop. Other university Co-op's prepaid photocopy card can also be used.

I belong to a department on another campus, but my laboratory is at Kashiwa Campus. Can I reserve books belonging to libraries of other campuses and receive them at Kashiwa Library?

Please apply at the Kashiwa Library Service Counter to receive books of Kashiwa Library.(Registration can be done only 9:00-17:00 weekdays)

In addition, once you register, the receipt point as Kashiwa Library, it will become your home library.

Please understand that the receipt point cannot be chosen for every application.

How do I browse journals in the stacks?

To retrieve bound journals stored in Auto Library (the automated stacks), access OPAC and find the title of journal you would like to retrieve at the computer in the search corner. For details, please refer to manual near the search corner.

I'm a non-member of the university. Can I request a photocopy of journal articles and have it delivered to my house?

Please order through your university/institution library or public library.

  • Fees: black & white 50 yen/sheet, color 90 yen/sheet (postage is additionally)
  • Payment: Bank transfer(pay in advance)


How do I find theses of Graduate School of Frontier Sciences students?

As for authorized dissertations and theses, UTokyo Repository contains the summary and full-text.
If you need to obtain a thesis or dissertation that is not available online, please contact the library staff weekdays, 9:00 to 17:00. You can browse through them in the library.
Kashiwa Library has a collection of theses and dissertations of Graduate School of Frontier Sciences students issued from 2004 academic year. The availability for browsing or copying may change depending on author's permission. Please inquire in advance.

How do I access databases from off-campus?

You can access some databases even from computers at home by using ”EZproxy”.