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  • Address
    • 5-1-5, Kashiwanoha, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba, 277-8584, Japan
  • Access to Kashiwa Campus
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    • Parking lot preparation is not available. Please come by public transport.
  • Locatiion whithin Kashiwa campus


  • FAX for all sections: 04-7136-4221
  • Telephone Hours: 9am - 12am, 1pm - 5pm
Inquiry Telephone E-mail Section
Usage Admission 04-7136-4224 Library Service Section
Library Hours Please see Open Hours.
Materials Holding Check 04-7136-4224 Library Service Section
Borrowing, Returning and Inter Library Loan
Permission for Publishing the Library Collection
Donation of Materials 04-7136-4222

Library Management Section


Usage of facilities

(conference room etc.)

04-7136-4222 Library Management  Section
Others Lost Items 04-7136-4224

Library Service Section

Kashiwa Library Club 04-7136-5715 Club Office