Support for users who need special assistance

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The General Library aims to create a comfortable environment for all students, faculty and staff.
If you need assistance in using the library, please do not hesitate to let us know.

UTokyo Diversity & Inclusion
UTokyo Diversity & Inclusion



Users with disabilities

Facilities & Equipment
UTokyo General Library accessibility guide & map



UTokyo General Library Accessibility Guide & Map (Open a PDF file)

  • Main Building
Facilities & Equipment Location
Accessible Ramp

On the right side of the library entrance (MAP)
* Please announce your arrival via the intercom.

Elevators Open-shelf section (MAP)
* Please use the elevator in the central area as much as possible. The elevator in the west area is so small that wheelchair users might not be able to get into.
Accessible Restroom Open-shelf section (MAP)
Desk for Wheelchair Users 1st floor and 3rd floor, the open-shelf section (MAP)
Text Enlarger 1st floor, the open-shelf section (MAP)
Accessible Parking On the right side of the library entrance (MAP)
  • Annex (Library Plaza)

    Facilities & Equipment Location
    Elevator On the left side of the east entrance(MAP
    Accessible Restroom MAP
Resource Services for Print Disabilities (UTokyo students and staff only)

Under certain conditions, the University of Tokyo Library System offers the following services for users with print disabilities or visual impairment.

Users with children

Members of the University of Tokyo are welcome to bring their pre-school children to the General Library. Users can use open-shelf books, check-put and return materials, and use photocopiers.

  • For safety reasons, preschool children are not allowed in the stack and ECCS room. 
  • Please take care that children do not crash or fall.
  • Please be considerate of other users around you.

Users who have difficulty visiting the library

If you are unable to visit the General Library, please use the following services.
For further detail, please contact your faculty library.

  • Parcel book delivery and mail photocopy service
  • Requesting photocopied articles
  • Online services accessible from off-campus

For general use and inquiries

If you have any problems using the General Library, please contact us.
For students, faculty and staff, we will correspond with the relevant departments, such as the Diversity Promotion Group of the Administration Bureau and the Disability Services Office.


If you have any questions or comments for the General Library, please contact us via the inquiry form.

”The General Library, to be every member friendly” poster (Updated Sept. 22, 2023)




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