Digitization Service for Print Disabilities (UTokyo students and staff only)

The University of Tokyo Library System provides a digitization service for users with print disabilities or visual impairment. This service makes available library materials or others in alternative formats such as PDF and text files.


Who is eligible to submit a digitization request?

Individuals who are affiliated with the University of Tokyo(*) and who have a print disability or visual impairment can use this service. Users must register with Disability Support at the Disability Services Office before using the service.

(*)Including the researchers writing their doctoral thesis after leaving UTokyo at maturity.

What types of items are eligible for digitization?

Users can request any materials that the library owns in print. Users can also request their own books be digitized if they will be used for study or research.
Note: Classroom resumes are ineligible for this digitization service.

How to use this service?

First, please register with Disability Support at the Disability Services Office. The service will be available after you receive a notice of confirmation from the library.
Then submit the application form to the main library of your campus. You may request up to 5 items at a time.



The library provides this service under copyright law. In some cases, requested materials are ineligible for digitization.
Making copies of or sharing digitized materials is strictly prohibited under copyright law.