The Uehiro Project for the Asian Research Library (U-PARL)

The Uehiro Project for the Asian Research Library (U-PARL) of the University of Tokyo Library System is a research project division that was established through an endowment by the Uehiro Foundation on Ethics and Education in April 2014. Since April 2019, U-PARL has been proactively promoting efforts to fulfill its mission in the following four directions: 〔1〕Creating a Hub for Cooperative Research in Asian Studies; 〔2〕Breaking New Ground in the Study of Research Library Functions; 〔3〕Cultivating Human Resources and Contributing to Society; 〔4〕Supporting Development of the Asian Research Library. Please see the official website for details.


Project Leader & Concurrent Professor MINOWA Kenryo(Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology)
Deputy Project Leader & Concurrent Associate Professor UEHARA Kyuichi(Institute of Advanced Studies on Asia)
Concurrent Professor MATSUMOTO Takenori(Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences)
Concurrent Professor TAKAHASHI Miho(Graduate School of Education)
Concurrent Associate Professor UNNO Satoshi(Graduate School of Engineering)
Deputy Project Leader & Project Associate Professor NAGAI Masakatsu
Project Assistant Professor TOKUHARA Yasuhiro
Project Research Fellow ARAKI Tatsuo
Project Research Fellow SHIBUYA Yuki
Project Research Fellow SUNAGA Emiko
Project Research Fellow NAKAO Michiko

In addition, two Project Specialists and three Assistant Clerks belong to it.