About Literacy

About the "Literacy" site

The Literacy site provides information on academic information literacy for members of the University of Tokyo.
This is the explanation of the "Literacy" site.

"Literacy" is a website that provides useful information about "academic information literacy" for students, faculty, and staff of the University of Tokyo. You can access this site from anywhere on or off campus.

See also the introduction leaflet. (2024.2 updated)

Description of the menu on the left.

  • Home: Top page of the "Literacy" site.
  • News: Information about new databases and trial services.
  • Database List: This is the same as the "Database List" at the top of the library website. You can search the academic databases available at the University of Tokyo.
  • Popular Databases: Links to frequently used academic databases.
  • Event: Information about training sessions is displayed. There are links for registration and more.
  • Training Session: Information about the schedule of training sessions. 
  • User Guide: Links about the user guide.
    • Off Campus: Information on how to use databases, e-journals, and e-books from off-campus.
    • Methods for using Databases: This page introduces major databases, database search techniques, and knowledge about database types.
    • Writing Support: Information for writing reports, theses, and other papers. 
    • Reference Manager: Information about reference management software.
  • Litetopi: The archives of "Litetopi Mail Magazine," which announces news on databases and training session information (in Japanese).

Contact us

  • Please use the ASK service for questions and consultations about books, articles, and information retrieval.
  • In cases other than the above
    Academic Information Literacy Section mail: literacy*lib.u-tokyo.ac.jp (Please change *to @ and send)


  • X (Formerly Twitter)
    • University of Tokyo Literacy@UTokyo_Literacy
      • The University of Tokyo Literacy@UTokyo_Literacy tweets information about academic information literacy (new databases, information on workshops, etc.) for members of the University of Tokyo by Academic Information Literacy Section, ITG.


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