Members of the "Todai Komaba Tomo-no Kai"

Todai Komaba Tomo-no Kai (Friends of Komaba Society) Members/Friend members are able to use the Komaba Library.
The services that can be used, and procedures required to use the library depends on your status (whether you are a member/friend member). If you are a friend member, please see "Friend Members of the "Todai Komaba Tomo-no Kai"".

*For information about "Todai Komaba Tomo-no Kai", please see the URL below;


User Procedure

  • Normal Members
    You will need to go through the initial registration at the first time you visit the library. Also, you need renewal procedures when your new membership card is issued.
  • Life Time Members
    You will need to go through the user procedure every 3 years.

Reception Hours

9:00 - 17:00 on weekdays

Required Documents

  • Member's card that is within the validity period
  • Identification (e.g. driving license, insurance card, etc.)


At the Komaba Library, you can use the following services.
・Borrowing books (2 volumes for 2 weeks, extension:once)
・Reading/photocopying library materials

*You cannot use the other libraries of the University of Tokyo.

Service Hours

You will be able to use the services during library hours.
For closed dates/library hours, please see the Library Calendar.