Friend Members of the "Todai Komaba Tomo-no Kai"


Todai Komaba Tomo-no Kai (Friends of Komaba Society) Members/friend members of the "Todai Komaba Tomo-no Kai" are able to use the Komaba Library.
The services that can be used, and procedures required to use the library depends on your status (whether you are a member/friend member).

If you are a member, please see "Members of the "Todai Komaba Tomo-no Kai"".

*For information about "Todai Komaba Tomo-no Kai", please see the URL below;

User Procedure

When you visit the library, please bring your Friend Member's card that is within the validity period.


At the Komaba Library, you can read/photocopy library materials.

*You cannot use the other libraries of the University of Tokyo.

Service Hours

Weekdays: 9:00 - Closing time
Saturdays/Sundays/National Holidays: During the library hours

For closed dates and library hours, please see the Library Calendar.