Information on training course corner

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Hongo Campus -Hongo Campus~

本郷キャンパスmap The Training Course Corner is in the Fukutake Hall located in Hongo campus.
Take the right when you enter from the Main Gate, take the left when you enter from the Akamon.

Fukutake Hall Entrance ~Entertainment of Fukuoka Hall~

福武ホール入口 This is the entrance of Fukutake Hall.

Fukutake Hall 1F to B1F ~From the 1st floor to the 1st basement level~

エレベーターホール 階段  This is an elevator hall on the 1st floor of Fukutake Hall.
The Training Course Corner is located in the 1st basement floor of Fukutake Hall. Enter Fukutake Hall and go to the 1st basement level by stairs or elevators.

Workshop Corner Entrance ~Entertainment of the Training Course Corner~

Arrived at the 1st basement floor, take the right. There is the Training Course Corner on the right side.