Library Manners

To maintain a better research/studying environment, please follow the things below.

Refrain from behaviors that cause disturbance to other users.
In order to maintain a quiet environment, please do not talk in a loud voice or make phone calls.

Protect your own valuables.
Do not leave wallets, laptop PCs and mobile phones unattended, even for a short time. Please carry your valuables all the time.

Follow the drinks and food code of behavior.
In order to prevent stain/damage of library materials and facilities, as well as to prevent damage from insects, please follow the rules below.

  • Eating and drinking corner in Lounge on the 1st floor is the only place for refreshments where you can eat in the library. In the other areas, eating something even a candy or chewing gum is prohibited.
  • Beverages in spill-proof containers are allowed in the library except around equipped PCs.
  • The OPAC Corner and Media Park are drinking prohibited areas. Please do not put beverages on the desk in the area.

You can use the power sockets only to charge devices used for study/research.
  Allowed: PCs, tablets, smart phones, mobile phones etc.
  Prohibited: music players, portable game consoles etc.

No smoking in campus.
Due to the Article 25 of the Health Promotion Law, smoking is prohibited in the campus.

No photography/filming.
Photography/filming is prohibited in the library.