Former Full-time Teaching Staff


A "Pass to library of the University of Tokyo" is issued to those people who were full-time teaching staff of the University of Tokyo.

By registering as a user, an "IC card user ID" that can be used in all libraries of the University of Tokyo including the Komaba Library will be issued.

User Registration

Required Documents

To register as a user, please bring the following documents.

  • Certificate of Employment
  • Government-issued Identification (e.g. driving license)

Also, when you visit the library, we will ask you to fill in the "Application form to pass to library of the University of Tokyo". You can also fill it in beforehand and bring it to the library.

Application Form

Reception Hours

9:00 - 17:00 on weekdays


At the Komaba Library, you will be able to use the following services.

  • Borrowing books (5 volumes for 30 days)
  • Reading/photocopying materials

Service Hours

You will be able to use the library/services during library hours.
For closed dates and library hours, please see the Library Calendar.