National Diet Library Digitized Contents Transmission Service for Libraries


The Digitized Contents Transmission Service for Libraries by the National Diet Library, Japan is available at specific terminals in the Komaba Library. You can view the digitized versions of out-of-print or otherwise difficult-to-obtain materials. 

For more detailed information:
Digitized Contents Transmission Service for Libraries (Link to web page of National Diet Library )

Available Resources

You can find these materials by checking the "Available only at the NDL and partner libraries" check box on the National Diet Library Digital Collections search page.
"National Diet Library Limited" materials are not available at Komaba Library.

About 1.51 million digitized materials are available as of January 2020. 

  • About 570,000 books 
  • About 20,000 rare books and old materials
  • About 800,000 issues of about 10,000 periodicals
  • About 120,000 Japanese doctoral dissertations



Those Eligible

  1. Students and Faculty staff who belong to Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences.
  2. Students, faculty staff and professor emeritus whose home library is registered as the Komaba Library.

※ It cannot be used by those who belong to other departments (excluding the cases above 2) and those who are outside the university (including graduates, former faculty members, and members of the Komaba tomo-no-kai).

Procedures for Viewing

Please show your student ID, Staff ID, or library ID at the reference counter.
After filling out the application form, the staff will guide you to the terminal.

  • Hours of operation: Weekdays 9:00-17:00
  • The usage may be limited to one hour during congestion.
    If another person is using the service, you may have to wait for a while.
  • Digital files cannot be downloaded or taken out. Please use the copy service.



Procedures for Copy Service

The Service is provided under the provisions of the Copyright Law of Japan. Books can be provided only in part (less than half).
You cannot print by yourself.
Please apply after filling out the prescribed form at the reference counter.
We also accept your copy requests from MyOPAC.

  • Reception hours: Weekdays 9:00-16:00
  • If the number of copies is large or if you apply after 16:00, we will provide it over from the next day.