The 20th Anniversary Event of the Komaba Library

The Komaba Library celebrates its 20th anniversary on October 2, 2022.
Komato-chan*, the official character, will present commemorative gifts and exhibits the Library collection.
*"Komato" is a short form of "Komaba library(駒図)."

Greetings from the Library Directers

  • Komaba Library Director, Prof. Atsushi Ishida, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences​
    「本の集積の時空間に思いをはせて」(in Japanese only)
  • Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Library Director, Prof. Aeka Ishihara, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
    「夢見る駒場図書館」(in Japanese only)

【Commemorative Gifts♪】Komato-chan Book Covers

Three colors to choose from, convenient paperback size, Komaba library history & floor map included
It will be distributed at the exhibition corner on the 1F.  ←It ended in September 2023.

20th Anniversary Book Cover Poster

▼You can download the file and print it on the paper of your favorite. 


Komato-chan and Knowledge Heritage - Exhibition of Komaba Library

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the opening of the Komaba Library, we started a permanent exhibition introducing the activities and collections of the Library.
Venue: 1F exhibition corner or the display case in front of the copy corner (from 29 September 2022).




Theme1:Rare Komato Collections
We will introduce the library collections, which are not usually seen by everyone, along with the state of the Rare Books Storage and Storage Stack Room.

Theme2:Komato Collection that contributes to SocietyThe Komaba Library's collection contributes to society in various ways, sometimes appearing in publications, being broadcast on TV, and being exhibited at museums and other places. We will introduce the top three popular collections for such special use, along with actual examples.
In addition, rare books are digitally published on the web so that many people can see them widely while carefully protecting the actual books. In this exhibition, we will introduce the "Kano Kokichi Documents" and the "Collection of Dai-ichi Koto Gakko (Ichiko) [the First Higher School of Japan]."

Exhibition collaborators:Prof. Takashi TAMURA, Daiki TAKAYAMA, Katsuya ORIMO /Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

* Non-UTokyo members can only view from 9:00 to 17:00 on weekdays. Please note that you cannot enter the library on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays.
* Rare books will be exhibited on panels.
*There is a possibility that the exhibition's contents will be changed.
*We're sorry, but the captions of the exhibition are only in Japanese. Please enjoy it by using any translation application, such as Google Lens.

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