The Kashiwa Library, the University of Tokyo, as the central library of the Kashiwa Campus, provides research and learning books for students and faculty members of the campus.
Since the research fields of the graduate schools and research institutes on the Kashiwa Campus are mainly science and engineering, and because they are often used by students, we have a large selection of books for learning science and engineering.


If you want to find a book, please search at the "UTokyo OPAC".
* The materials labeled "Kashiwa. Lib. Open" and "Kashiwa. Lib. Ref" are the books of the Kashiwa Library.

Please refer to "Types and Arrangement of Materials" for the location of the materials.

Back Number of Natural Science Journals

The Kashiwa Library, the University of Tokyo, stores and provides about 390,000 back numbers of natural science journals (as of March 2020) in the automated storage.

On-campus users can view the papers in these journals from the on-campus laboratories using the PDF Request Service. You can also visit the library and use the journals from the automated storage.
* Initial registration is required to use the PDF Request Service.

* Each library at the University of Tokyo collects, stores, and provides materials individually, but in recent years it has become difficult to secure storage space for materials. Therefore, we have set up an automated storage with high storage efficiency in the Kashiwa Library to collect and store back numbers of university-wide natural science journals.

If you want to find journals, please search at the "UTokyo OPAC".
* Materials whose holdings are labeled as "Kashiwa. Lib. Stack" are held in the automated storage of the Kashiwa Library.

Subscription Magazines

The table below lists the magazines that are subscribed to at the Kashiwa Library. Located in the community salon on the 1st floor.
Please note that you cannot borrow them or use back numbers.

Magazine Genre

Publication Frequency

Aera (朝日新聞社編) General Magazine Weekly
CREA (文藝春秋社)

General Magazine for Women

オレンジページ (オレンジページ) Home and Life Monthly
週刊ダイヤモンド (ダイヤモンド社) Business Weekly
週刊朝日 (朝日新聞社) General Magazine Weekly
ダ・ヴィンチ (リクルート) Literature Monthly
テニスマガジン (ベースボール・マガジン社) Tennis Monthly
プレジデント (プレジデント社) Business Monthly
ワールドサッカーダイジェスト (日本スポーツ企画出版) Football Twice a month
留学ジャーナル Studying Abroad Quarterly
TIME: Asia Edition (Time Inc.) News Weekly



This is a list of newspapers subscribed to at the Kashiwa Library. Newspapers for this month and the previous month are stored in the "newspaper corner" of the reading room on the 2nd floor.

Daily 朝日新聞、読売新聞、毎日新聞、日本経済新聞、スポーツ・ニッポン、Japan Times
Weekly 科学新聞、The New York Times WEEKLY REVIEW
Mon - Fri 日刊工業新聞
Mon - Sat International New York Times

Click here for a list of newspapers subscribed to at the library at the University of Tokyo.


The Kashiwa Library offers watching and lending services for DVD materials.
You can watch it at any time during the opening hours at the AV corner in the Kashiwa Library, and you can borrow it.
Please use it as a reference for acquiring a wide range of cultures and research.

  • About Watching in the Library

It can be used by both on-campus and off-campus people.
You can use the AV booth in the library for watching.
* You cannot watch the materials you bring in.

  • About Borrowing

This service is available only to those on-campus people and members of Kashiwa Library Club.
You can borrow up to 2 DVDs for on-campus people, and 1 for members of Kashiwa Library Club. The loan period is one week and cannot be extended.
It is not covered by the Campus Loan (Reserving Service).

  • Collection Title

You can search the DVD of the Kashiwa Library at the "UTokyo OPAC".
If you set the Location to"Kashiwa. Lib. AV" in the Advanced Search, you can narrow down the search to DVD.


Thesis (Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo)

The Kashiwa Library collects theses (master's thesis, doctoral thesis) from the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences that have been accepted since 2003.

Some dissertations are published in full in the UTokyo Repository. Please check there first.

If you would like to use a thesis that is not published in the UTokyo Repository, please apply by following the steps below.

1. Search by the UTokyo OPAC
Most doctoral thesis can be searched on the UTokyo OPAC.
If the thesis you want to see is included in the UTokyo OPAC, please apply for the use of thesis from the search terminal on the 2nd floor.
As soon as the materials are ready, they will be handed over at the counter on the 2nd floor.

2. Contact by Email
If you do not find the thesis you want to read after searching the UTokyo OPAC, please contact us by e-mail with the following items.

  • Author's Name
  • Thesis Type (master's or doctoral thesis)
  • Thesis Title
  • Desired Date and Time of Use

Contact: Library Service Section, Kashiwa Library (

* It may not be possible to view or copy according to the instructions of the author.

Hiraga Archive

This is a collection centered on technical materials related to ship planning and construction left by the late Yuzuru Hiraga (Vice Admiral of Navy Shipbuilding, 13th President of Tokyo Imperial University), a Navy shipbuilder.

It is published in "Yuzuru Hiraga Digital Archive".