Types and Arrangement of Materials

Collections map


【Open-shelf books】 Books are available on shelves by call number, and may be checked out.
【Books for international students】 Japanese language study books and books on Japan.
※Separate Placement 【New arrivals】 books arrived within the past month
【O'RIELLY publication books】 books for computer technology
【Guidebooks】 guidebooks for areas in Japan and abroad
【Shinsho】 Shinsho-format paperbacks (Iwanami, Chuko, Kodansha Gendai, Bluebacks)
Large-sized books are in the front part of the shelves in the reference corner.
【Reference books】 Dictionaries, handbooks, and other references in the reference corner
※Not available for checkout.
【DVDs】 About 1,000 DVDs available on shelves in the AV Corner
【Newspapers】 Japan Times, International New York Times, New York Times Weekly Review, and Japanese newspapers are in the Newspaper Corner.
Issues for the most recent two months are available.
【Journals】 Available on shelves in the Journals Corner on the second floor (The Community Salon has magazines for recreational reading.)
【Journals back numbers】 Stored in the automated storage