[Continued after July. 1st] More convenient than ever! Internal book delivery and book return

June 28th 2022; This service will be continued after July 1st 2022(Poster renewal).


Kashiwa Campus Book Delivery Service will be continued.

1. Order books from anywhere!

If you belong to the Kashiwa campus, you can use MyOPAC to order
books not only from other campus libraries, but also from any library
on the Kashiwa campus.

2. Select a library to receive your order !

More libraries are now available as your receiving counter.

3. Return the books to any library!

Books from any UTokyo library can be returned to any Kashiwa campus library.

※If there is a special instruction at check-out, please return the book
to the indicated library.
※Not accepted by the Kavli IPMU Library. In addition to
your department’s library, you can receive your order at the Kashiwa Library,
the General Library and the Komaba Library.
※Excluding books in your department's library.
※On-campus deliveries done three times a week. If you urgently
need to borrow books, you can still go directly to the library.