Book/Document Delivery

Book/Document Delivery

UTokyo members can request for book/document delivery to the General library material via MyOPAC to receive at your department library.

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Book delivery


Your campus

Available for delivery

NOT available for delivery

Lending terms

Yayoi, Komaba, Kashiwa, Sirokanedai Campus


Books, CD-ROM

  • Rare books
  • Books at Collection room
  • Early Japanese books
  • Books published before 18th century
  • Oversize books
  • Reference books
  • Periodicals
  • Dissertations
  • Microfilms
  • Fragile books


See "Use of Materials"

For detail, please consult with your department library.
Member with disability may request book/document delivery within the same campus.


Document delivery(*2)


Available for delivery


Service Hours


Books, Periodicals

  • Monochrome:20yen/sheet
  • Color:60yen/sheet
  • free postage.

9:0017:00 on weekdays

PDF Request



9:0017:00 on weekdays

(*2)The conditions of copyright law applied.

*For detail, see "User's guide for MyOPAC Delivery Request Service" or consult with your department library.