(12/21-) Usage of the Carrel will be started.

From December 21st, usage of the Carrel on the B1F will be started.
It becomes easier to concentrate to study or research.

●Usage for reading stack material for a long term (For UTokyo Member Researchers)
Long-term use is available for UTokyo researchers who needs to use the stack materials (excluding materials on the open shelves) to read for her/his researches.
Please fill out the application form and send it by e-mail or submit to the B1F counter at the General Library.
Further information: How to use the Carrel (For researchers)

●Usage for study or research(For UTokyo Member Students)
The carrel could be used without reservation when it has no reservation for reading materials by teachers.
Please apply at the B1F Counter.
Further information: How to use the Carrel (For students)