Library tour

※To prevent spreading the Novel coronavirus(COVID-19), the Komaba library suspends accepting applications for Library tour until further notice.

 If you are an individual, you can take a 30-minute library tour only during 9:00-17:00 on only a weekday.

 Please bring your identification (e.g. driving license or insurance card) and come to the library counter.
  You will only be able to take a tour of the facilities, and you will not be able to read the materials.
 * Eating, drinking, smoking and filming/taking photos are prohibited. Also, please do not talk in a loud voice.

  If you would like to take a tour of other facilities in the Komaba campus with organizations, a separate application needs to be made to the Public Relations Office of the College of Arts and Sciences.

   College of Arts and Sciences Public Relations Office
    E-mail:pro-www[at mark]adm.c.u-tokyo.ac.jp
   (Please replace [at mark] with @)