Renewal Procedure

※To prevent spreading the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), the registration/renewal on non-UTokyo members (including graduates and retired faculty and staff) are suspended. Please check "【Important】Changing of Services Regarding the Komaba Library Response to the Novel Coronavirus Disease" page for further information.


Entrance passes have expiry date. When it has expired, please go through the renewal procedure as soon as possible.
The renewal procedure can be done from one month before the expiry date.

Required Documents

1. Application Form for University of Tokyo Library Pass
We will ask you to fill in the form at the counter. Also you can fill it in beforehand and bring it to the counter.

2. Entrance pass

3. Identification
An identification that is valid at the point of making your application.
e.g. driving license, health insurance card.

Reception Hours

During library hours
*For closed dates and library hours, please see the Library Calendar.

Receiving the Renewed Entrance Pass

When you have gone through the renewal procedure 9:00 - 17:00 on weekdays, in principle, your entrance pass can be given to you after the issuing procedure has been completed.
When you have gone through the renewal procedure during other times, your renewed entrance pass can be given to you on and after the next weekday.


  • To make an application or when you received an entrance pass, the person him/herself whose name is written in the necessary documents will need to come to the counter. We do not accept application or provide an entrance pass by any other people.
  • If you lost a pass, please refer "Re-Issuing Due to Loss".