Initial Registration

To the people who have graduated from the undergraduate/graduate course (including those who have withdrew from the doctor's course after having obtained all credits), a Pass to University of Tokyo Library System (hereinafter referred to as "entrance pass") is issued.

By using the entrance pass, you will be able to enter the Komaba Library, read materials and make copies during library hours, but you are not eligible to borrow materials. For library hours, please see the Library Calendar.

Other than Komaba Library, you will also be able to enter the gates of below libraries.
For details, please see the pages of each library.

Required Documents

1. Application Form for University of Tokyo Library Pass
We will ask you to fill in the form at the counter. Also you can fill it in beforehand and bring it to the counter.

2. Certificate of Graduation or Completion
Please bring one of the following originals.

  • Diploma
  • Certificate of Graduation*
  • Certificate of Completion*
  • Certificate of Academic Degree*

For information about getting your certificate of program completion issued, please ask the section in charge of the faculty/graduate school that you belong to.
The contact information can be seen from Issuing Certificate of Graduation/Academic Transcript (To the Students and Alumni of University of Tokyo).

3.  Identification
An identification that is valid at the point of making your application.
e.g. driving license, health insurance card.

Application Procedures

Visit the Library

Reception Hours: 9:00 - 17:00 on weekdays
We will give you the entrance pass after the issuing procedure has been completed.


Please send the required 3 documents.

  • "Application Form to Pass to University of Tokyo Library System"
  • Enclose one of the above *marked original of certificate of Graduation or completion.
  • Copy of the identification instead of the identification itself.

Write down on the envelope "Enclosing application form to library pass".

Address: 3-8-1 Komaba, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-8902 Japan

It takes about 1 week from postmark to issue the entrance pass. We will contact you as soon as we can provide it, please come to the Komaba Library with your identification.
We cannot mail you your entrance pass.


  • To make an application or when you received an entrance pass, the person him/herself whose name is written in the necessary documents will need to come to the counter. We do not accept application or provide an entrance pass by any other people.
  • If there are any materials borrowed from University of Tokyo libraries that you have not returned, your application will not be accepted until you return that material or compensate for it (if you have lost it).
  • If you lost a pass, please refer "Re-Issuing Due to Loss".