Group Study Room

The Group Study Room can be used by a group (more than 3 people, below 20 people) composed of mainly students/faculty staff of the University of Tokyo for watching audio-visual materials*1/studying/learning/researching.

*1: Only materials of the Komaba Library


It is located on the 2nd floor, on the Communication Plaza side.

Group study room

Time Periods that You Can Use the Group Study Room

  • The time that you can use the Group Study Room differs depending on the library opening hour.

  • You can reserve only 1 period per day.
  • If nobody reserves before or after your period, you can also use one of them. In this case, only 2 periods you can use per day.
    • Also using before period: No reservation at the starting time of using before period.
    • Also using after period: No reservation when you start to use your reservation period.
  • If you want to use 2 periods, Please ask at the counter.

Weekday and Regular School Days of College of Arts and Science

  Time period
  22:00 Closed 20:00 Closed 17:00 Closed
1 period 9:00-10:15
2 period 10:25-12:10
Lunch break 12:20-12-50
3 period 13:00-14:45
4 period 14:55-16:40
5 period 16:50-18:35
6 period 18:45-20:30 18:45-19:45
Evening 20:40-21:20


Saturdays, Sundays, and National Holidays

  Time period
  22:00 Closed 19:00 Closed
1 period
2 period 10:15-12:10
Lunch break 12:20-12-50
3 period 13:00-14:45
4 period 14:55-16:40
5 period 16:50-18:35
6 period 18:45-20:30
Evening 20:40-21:20


How to Use the Group Study Room

How to Apply

  • Having filled in the application for using the Group Study Room, please make an application at the counter.

    Please present your faculty staff ID/student ID, when you making your application.

  • Reservations can be made on the days below.
    • Using the room for classes, and for purposes equivalent to this: 4 weeks before

    • For purposes other than written above: 2 weeks before

On the Day of Using the Room

  • Please bring your faculty staff ID/student ID, and come to the counter.
  • If you have not arrived after 15 minutes have passed from the time you are supposed to use the room, your reservation will be cancelled.

Things to Be Careful When Using the Room

  • Please do not eat/drink, smoke, or make phone calls when you are in the room.
  • The room is not completely sound proofed, so please do not listen to/watch audio-visual materials in a loud volume, or talk in a loud voice.