Exhibition Corner

We have resumed the edxibition applied by the faculty staff and library.

Materials such as research/class results, results of circle/hobby activities, etc. can be exhibited.



1st floor lobby, in front of the elevator.


Terms of use

Available to:

Faculty, students, and student organizations who are active at Komaba I and II Campus (students and student organizations must get sign-off from one teacher to apply).

What can be exhibited

Research/class results, results of circle/hobby activities, etc.
Exhibition case (6 units) internal dimensions: W 150 × D 66.5 × H 30 cm


Exhibition period

Up to 15 days (including preparation and cleanup period)
If there is no reservation for just after the exhibition period on the day one week before the last date of the exhibition, it can be extended up to one week by request.


How to apply

  • Apply with a prescribed application form more than 10 days before the desired first date of the exhibition. Application will be accepted from January 5th of the previous fiscal year.
  • Exhibit case application form = 駒場図書館展示ケース利用申請書 (Japanese)

(Update: November 6, 2018)

Please note:

  • You must prepare all necessary items for your exhibition yourself. (Some bulletin boards are available.)

  • While preparing, installing, removing, or cleaning up after your exhibition, avoid disturbing other library users or disrupting the quiet atmosphere.

  • Installation and removal of the exhibition should be done between 9:00 and 17:00 on weekdays.

  • Public access to view the exhibition is only between 9:00 and 17:00 on weekdays (opening day). Please bring your identification (insurance card, driving license, etc.) .

  • The Komaba Library is not responsible for the management of exhibition materials or any problems caused by exhibits.

  • If you need permission from a copyright owner, owner, etc. of an exhibit, you must acquire it yourself.

    Internal Rules on Use of Komaba Library Exhibition Cases = 駒場図書館展示ケース利用内規 (Japanese)

(Update: November 6, 2018)


Inquiries: Komaba Library specialist