Welcome Event for New Students ”LibCUBE” (2023/3/28~6/30)

Congratulations to all new students!
Komaba Library has prepared a variety of events inside the library and on our website to help you get off to a smooth start in your studies at the university.
Why don't you start your new life with Komato-chan?

Let's visit the Komaba Library.

■Komaba Library Self-guided Tour(3/28-6/30)
Let's start from in front of the counter on the 1st floor.
You can learn how to use the library by visiting the checkpoints in the library listed on the card and solving quizzes. Some places, such as the magazine corner and the basement stacks, may likely be hard to notice by yourself. There is also a web-form version where you can participate with your smartphone. Please feel free to participate. Participants will receive a certificate of participation and a "Komato-chan badge."

Please cooperate with us by filling out the questionnaire.
Komaba Library Self-guided Tour Questionnaire​​​​

*Start point: In front of the counter on the 1st floor
Komaba Library Self-guided Tour
self-guided tour 2023

■Exhibition "Let's Learn! Academic Skills"(3/28-6/30 @1F in front of the counter)
What is the difference between learning in college and high school? How to write reports? What if you don't know research ethics? You can also borrow books on display.

Academic Skills Book List (including ebooks)

Academic skills 2023

■E-book Exhibition(6/16~6/30 @1F Exhibition corner, in Japanese
E-book reviews by Komaba students will be displayed.
 We always introduce recommended e-books in the New Arrivals corner as well.

 "Komato-chan and the Heritage of Knowledge" (1F Exhibition Corner)
 The library introduces the collections and activities of the Komaba Library in the exhibition.
 It may be reduced or suspended while other exhibitions are being held.

Check out the "Library Use Guide" on the web.

The "Library Use Guide" provides useful information for those unfamiliar with the UTokyo Libraries.
The content below is especially good for new students!

KOMABA LIBRARY TOUR, Facilities/Books & Resources Edition
Available on YouTube "Komato Channel." You can get an overall picture of Komaba Library's facilities, equipment, and materials and how to use them. These will help those who can't make it to the self-guided tour!

Tips for Searching Library Books and Resources【Web Seminar】
Let's learn the basics of literature search! Available on YouTube "Komato-channel."

  • Part 1 The differences between books and journals​
    Key points: Features of books and journals, When do you use the library books and resources?
  • Part 2 Finding books​
    Key points: How to find books、UTokyo OPAC, MyOPAC, reservation/delivery、E-journals/E-books
  • Part 3 Using databases & E-Journals from off-campus​
    Key points: How to access E-resources from outside the University、EZproxy、Literacy website、Database List
  • Part 4 Finding journal articles in Japanese​
    Key points: How to find Japanese articles, TREE, UTokyo Article Link, UTokyo OPAC, E-journals/printed journals、how to get copy/PDF of papers
  • Part 5 Finding journal articles in English
    Key points: How to find English articles, Web of Science, Google Scholar, peer review, phrase search, citation, review articles, prohibited citation