Kashiwa Library materials may be photocopied on the library’s self-service copy machines.
Fill in the photocopy application form for use. Be sure to comply with the copyright laws.

Fee: 10 yen/sheet, black and white, prepaid card required

※You can buy prepaid cards from a vending machine (1,000 yen) in the library or at on-campus co-op stores (500 yen).

Copyright Information

Materials are protected by copyright laws. Photocopies must be in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Solely for scholarly purpose
  • Only a single photocopy
  • Only a copy of part (an amount that does not exceed half)
    However, photocopying of journal articles are allowed after certain period (until the next issue is issued)
  • Fill in the photocopy application form
  • Photocopying personal items such as notebooks is not permitted