Those who have the University of Tokyo Library Admission Card / Kashiwa Library Clab Membership Card and those outside the university can use the library from Nov. 1st, 2022, but there are restrictions on its use. For details, please see "Kashiwa Library response to the New Coronavirus Disease for people outside the university".


The Kashiwa Library can be used by people outside the university only for the purpose of academic research, research, and lifelong learning using the materials of the library.
Please search the materials in advance at the University of Tokyo OPAC, and identify the materials to be used.

* You can't use only the reading seats for self-study purposes.

Available Services

  • Viewing / Copying materials of the library
    * You can't borrow materials.

Opening Hours

Weekdays 9:00-21:00 (August, September, March 9:00-17:00)

Admission Procedure

  • Please fill in your name, address, affiliation, telephone number, and desired material name on the application form at the entry table at the entrance on the 2nd floor and submit it to the counter.
  • Please bring your official ID with your name and current address.
    * Driver's license, health insurance card, etc.


You can copy the materials of the library within the scope of copyright law. Please fill out the copy application form and use the self-copying machine (prepaid card type) in the library.

Copy fee: Monochrome 10 yen / sheet

* Prepaid cards are sold at the library (1000 yen) and the co-op (500 yen).

About copyright law

Copyrighted works such as books are protected by copyright law. Under copyright law, the library allows copying in the following cases:

  • For the purpose of research
  • Being one copy per person
  • Only a part (less than half) of a copyrighted work such as a book can be copied.
    * However, for articles in periodicals (magazines, newspapers, etc.), the entire article can be copied if a considerable period of time has passed since publication (more than 3 months after publication, or if the next issue is published).

Also, please note the following points.

  • When taking a copy, please fill out the copy application form provided.
  • You can't copy the materials you bring in (such as your own notebook).

Request from the library

  • Please be quiet in the reading room and try not to disturb other users.
  • Please refrain from visiting by private car. Please use public transportation.