Visiting Other Libraries


Other Campus

With a student/faculty ID card issued at Kashiwa Campus you can use most other libraries of the university.

If you would like to use other libraries, please refer to the website “List of Univ. of Tokyo Libraries” where you will find information on the terms of use and any restrictions for each library.

When you need a library's borrowing form, the Kashiwa Library can obtain a copy of the borrowing for you.

Kashiwa campus has four more libraries other than the Kashiwa Library. These libraries are open to everyone.

Libraries at other universities and institutions

A letter of request may be required to use libraries at other universities and institutions. For assistance, visit the Kashiwa Library Service Counter.

  • Reception time for the letter of introduction and borrowing form is from 9:00 to 17:00 on weekdays.
  • For the letter of introduction or borrowing form, those who belong to the ISSP, AORI, ICRR, and other campus departments, please consult your own department's library.