You can use various library services through the MyOPAC website even from your laboratory or home.

OPAC User's Guide - How to use MyOPAC

Services provided by MyOPAC

  • Reservation and delivery request
  • Loan status/reservation check
  • Loan period extension
  • Photocopy/PDF request *
  • InterLibrary Loan/photocopy request *
  • Book purchase request; Password or e-mail address change

If you would like to use the services marked with *, you are required to be registered in advance as a user.
Please fill out the blanks in the thick frame area of the application form and bring it to the Library Service Counter. The application form is available at the library counter.

Application form for the MyOPAC delivery request service [PDF]

  • "User ID" is the 10-digit number on your student/faculty ID card or Kashiwa Library ID.
  • When you pay by laboratory expense, signature and seal of the faculty member responsible for payment (e.g., teaching staff who can pay at laboratory expense) is required.
  • Registration can be done between 9:00 to 17:00 on weekdays.
  • Those who have not registered as a user, and those for which the term of validity has expired must come to the Library Service Counter with your student/faculty ID, after filling in the application form below.

Application form to Pass to Library of the University of Tokyo [PDF]